Sunday, June 30, 2013

Battleground Texas Engages in First Weekend of Action

This arrived in my inbox this week, as I continue to monitor the workings of Battleground Texas in Harris County:

Karen --

This weekend, Battleground Texas organizers are getting together at events across the state to register voters and train new volunteers.

It's our very first Weekend of Action, and there's an event near you in Houston -- can you make it?

Enter your zip to find the closest event, and then RSVP to join your neighbors this weekend.

If there's one thing the events of this week taught us -- it's that we can't stop organizing.

When neighbors reach out to neighbors -- and more and more Texans get involved in the democratic process -- we can change the face of politics in our state.

With the repeal of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act and the egregious attacks on women's health, there's never been a more important time to get out in your community.

Look up and then RSVP for the event closest to you:
Texans are ready -- I hope you can make it.

So, I plugged in my own zip code and found four events planned within a radius of 10 miles from my home.  One was a voter registration drive listed from the past week, one is a voter registration drive this coming week, one is a neighborhood voter registration canvass for July 7th and a voter registrar training session on July 10th.

I noted a Facebook status from a friend that they are conducting voter registration at a Baptist church in the Hwy 290 area - suburbia.

Given the energy being harnessed after Wendy Davis' filibuster in favor for late term abortion in the first special session and the planning now being done to bus Davis supporters to Austin for the 2nd special session by the Harris County Democratic Party, the work from Team Obama in Harris County continues.

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