Friday, June 21, 2013

HCRP Precinct Chairs By the Numbers

I read some interesting statistics from the last election in Harris County and thought I would pass the numbers along.  This is information given to Precinct Chairs at the Executive Committee:

On November 6, there were 776 Polling Locations in Harris County.

318 Republican Precinct Chairs worked on November 6 either in their own precinct or another precinct.

58 Republican Precinct Chairs provided a replacement person to work.

There were 110 Republican Precinct Chairs who didn't work and the Party or County Commissioner had to find replacements for them.  This is in addition to the 292 Precincts where we don't have a Republican Precinct Chair to work on Election Day.

There were 88 Precincts with NO Republican representation.  20 of them with Republican Precinct Chairs.  (Let that one sink in for a moment.)

There were 598 votes with documented problems.

This report was submitted by Sharon Hicks, Harris County Republican Party Election Judge Coordinator.

Election Day, by the numbers.  This is a little window into a continuing problem felt on Election Day in Harris County.  We Republicans have to be better at organizing and working to keep the election process fair and running smoothly.

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