Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daughters of Liberty Republican Women Club Bar-b-que and Meeting

Thursday night the Daughters of Liberty Republican Women Club held a jam packed meeting which consisted of a bar-b-que dinner and two fired up and talkative speakers - HCRP Chairman Jared Woodfill and Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  

It was my first time attending an event by Daughters of Liberty Republican Women and they put on quite a meeting.  JoAnn Carpenter, VP of Legislation, sang the National Anthem at the beginning of the meeting and God Bless America at the end.  She has an impressive voice.  

Jared Woodfill introduced the many candidates and elected officials present.  Held at the SOSA Center in Spring Branch, four of the candidates running for City Council District A were present - CM Helena Brown, Amy Peck, Mike Knox and Ron Hale.  Lots of judges - present and those running - were in attendance, as well as Chris Daniels who is running for re-election for City Clerk and Bill Frazier, running for Houston City Controller.  Former Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, was there for Mayoral candidate Ben Hall and Mr. Hall's wife was there, too.  Mr. Paige and I spoke of the last event we were both at - that of the education reform forum with State Senator Dan Patrick in the Heights several months ago.  David Sawyer was there for Senator Cruz and Mac Flores was there for the Jerry Patterson campaign.  Attorney General Abbott was also represented.  

It was a large and quite diverse Republican crowd.  Sometimes it was a bit surreal.  It was all very interesting.

Jared Woodfill was the first speaker.  He went through the PowerPoint presentation of the Vision for Victory 2014, which I heard at a recent Greater Houston Pachyderm Club meeting.  Since he was one of two speakers, his presentation was shortened.  He did, however, explain the 'rVotes' program and said that financing is secured for it.  He said it will be up and running in the next 30 days.  He has decided that the Harris County Republican Party will use the system though the state party is not.  RPT Chairman Munisteri has decided to go with the program offered by Karl Rove, Mr. Woodfill said.  I have concerns about this decision and the process in which it has occurred, along with the separation of the county and state parties, but that is for another time.

Pastor Cruz always presents a compelling and motivating speech.  The man's personal story is one of imprisonment and torture at the hands of a brutal dictator during the Cuban Revolution and then his journey to America and his immense pride in being an American citizen.  He is very passionate about politics and the responsibility of pastors to work for cultural and political change.  

This meeting had a little something for everyone and the bar-b-que was good, too.

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