Monday, July 08, 2013

"Elections Are Not Enough. You Have To Learn How To Govern, Too"

We all remember Barack Obama's speech at Cairo University  "pledging to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims", right? It was in  June, 2009 and Obama envisioned himself to be speaking to all the followers of Islam in the world. The press swooned and the crowd applauded.
Quoting from the Quran, the Talmud and the Bible — and closing to a standing ovation — Obama said his address was an effort to "speak the truth" about U.S. relations with the Muslim world. Several times during the hour-long speech, members of the audience shouted, "We love you."
Though the reviews from other countries and other religious populations were mixed, the press was in full-on lapdog mode and to read the coverage one was to think that it was a new day and a new enlightened leader would show the world the way.

Yeah, it was that absurd. Most of the press coverage of the Obama administration has been that absurd, though.  Only recently, after the press worked mighty hard to ensure the re-election of their guy, has the tide turned just a wee bit.  Mostly it took a scandal that Team Obama was spying on members of the press to turn that tide a wee bit, but, so be it.

So, in today's news coverage we keep abreast of the developments in Egypt as the democratically elected leader is tossed out of power by what amounted to a military coup.  We can't officially call it a coup, though, or else that pesky American law that says we can't give military aid to a country after a coup kicks in.  Now, walking a fine line,  President Obama finds himself in a very unique position.  He has been on the wrong side of history during both Egyptian upheavals during his time in the White House.  After supporting the election of Morsi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, he now has to deal with the aftermath as Egyptians rejected Morsi's actions and demand new leadership.

The most ironic quote in perhaps Obama's entire time in office was quoted by Chuck Todd on a Sunday morning show panel. Discussing the events in Egypt Todd mentioned this reaction from Obama:
"Elections are not enough. You have to learn how to govern, too."

Rich, right? This is the same man who began his first term declaring "I won" to shut down objections from the GOP to his economic policies put forth to stimulate the economy. This is the man who campaigned in 2008 and then again in 2012 by disparaging his opposition from Republicans in the crassest terms possible. This is the man who can be a star on the campaign trail yet a dud in the Oval Office. He has been unable to grasp basic concepts of governing principles because he has no experience in governing. Campaigning? Sure, he has lots of that kind of experience.

THIS ARTICLE spotlights Obama's tendency to shirk real leadership in favor of photo ops for his own legacy. The article would not have been written in Obama's first term.

Whether it is another round of golf or extended trips around the world for pleasure with a little business mixed in for good measure, or yet another star studded party at the White House, President Obama has shown little understanding of the troubles felt by ordinary Americans.  The optics put forth by Team Obama are not only bad but there is no pretense of guilt over any decision, either. This administration, led Obama, is breathtakingly arrogant and self-absorbed.

Obama's record to date is one of little success.  That Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him for simply being elected as President is looking even sillier than ever.

"It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so."
-Ronald Reagan-

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