Thursday, August 08, 2013

Camara de Empresarios Latinos de Houston Scholarship Luncheon

The First Annual Scholarship Luncheon of Camara de Empresarios Latinos de Houston (CELH) was held Thursday at the Baker Ripley Center.  Memorial West Republican Women PAC (MWRW) sponsored a table for this event.

The hosts could not have been more hospitable, the crowd was jovial and welcoming, the food was good - word is that Post Oak Grill catered it - and the speakers were inspirational.  Best of all?  Four young Hispanic students received scholarships to continue on with their education.

The guests were treated to musical ambiance from Oscar and Anita, which provided a relaxed mood throughout the room.  They are good, by the way, playing guitars and singing.  We plan to keep them in mind for upcoming events.  

MWRW had the pleasure of hearing from CELH President Abel R. Garcia as speaker at an earlier monthly meeting this year.  He encouraged our club to reach out and we would be welcomed.  He was right.  Though Mr. Garcia was unable to attend this event, CELH Chairman Hipolito Acosta stepped up and led the program.  He introduced the keynote speaker, Dr Arthur Tyler, recently retired Deputy Chancellor/COO of Houston Community College (HCC).

Dr Tyler delivered an uplifting speech, titled "The Value of Education for Today's Youth".  The line that stuck with me is, "Life is not fair.  There is no equality.  There is equity, though, through education."

At the conclusion of Dr Tyler's speech, Chairman Acosta introduced the four scholarship recipients and each made a few remarks to the audience.  I might note that three out of the four scholarships went to young women.

An opportunity was presented to contribute to the organization's scholarship efforts.

MWRW is honored to have received the opportunity to participate in this endeavor.  Sometimes outreach is made really easy.  Raising money for scholarships is a natural fit for our club.  Education is our mission.  Education brings about an informed electorate.  As stated, the objectives of our organization are:
1. To promote an informed electorate through political education.
2. To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation.
3.  To facilitate cooperation among Republican women's organizations.
4.  To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its ideals.

It is said that just showing up is 80% of the battle.  I encourage my fellow conservative voters to seize the opportunities to bring our message forward when they present themselves.

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Unknown said...

Glad to see this luncheon. I am planning to host a dinner party at LA venue. Have been gathering best ideas for the day. Arranging it for the first time and quite excited for it. Hope everything will be really good there.