Friday, August 23, 2013

DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Texas Voter ID Law

Thursday U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and former Texas Attorney General, released the following statement responding to the announcement that the Obama Administration will challenge Texas’ constitutional voter ID law in court:
“Facts mean little to a politicized Justice Department bent on inserting itself into the sovereign affairs of Texas and a lame-duck Administration trying to turn our state blue.
“As Texans we reject the notion that the federal government knows what’s best for us. We deserve the freedom to make our own laws and we deserve not to be insulted by a Justice Department committed to scoring cheap political points.”

Attorney General Greg Abbott, now a candidate for Governor of Texas, responded:
 “Just days after the U.S. Department of Justice arrested a Texas woman for illegally voting five times in the same election, the Obama administration is suing to stop Texas’commonsense voter ID law,” said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott upon learning of yet another federal lawsuit challenging Texas Voter ID and Redistricting Laws.The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that voter ID laws do not suppress legal votes, but do help prevent illegal votes.
“The Obama administration continues to ignore the 10th Amendment and repeated Supreme Court decisions upholding states’ authority to enforce voter identification and redistricting laws.
“Also, by challenging the 2011 redistricting plans, Eric Holder is trying to resurrect a law that was never implemented and no longer exists — and then sue it. The 2011 redistricting plans have been replaced with plans that largely mimic plans drawn by three federal judges,” Abbott said. 
 Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated:
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, accused Attorney General Eric Holder of “working to undermine the integrity of our elections” in response to a Justice Department lawsuit that would block Texas voter ID and redistricting laws and require the Lone Star State to seek federal approval for other election changes.“Today’s decision by the U.S. Department of Justice to sue Texas is, sadly, only the latest manifestation of the DOJ’s increasing politicization under this Administration,” Cruz said in a statement.“Americans overwhelmingly support voter ID laws because they understand that voter fraud weakens our democracy, and unfortunately it is often minority voters who are the victims of that fraud. The Department of Justice should not be working to undermine the integrity of our elections.”
The hyper-partisan Obama administration and the divisive, racist Holder Department of Justice refuse to accept the ruling by the Supreme Court, though even the most liberal member at the time supported a state's right to ask for identification at the polls.  The continued go-to position of this administration is to call Texas out at every opportunity.

Governor Rick Perry released a brief, to the point response:
 “The filing of endless litigation in an effort to obstruct the will of the people of Texas is what we have come to expect from Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. We will continue to defend the integrity of our elections against this administration’s blatant disregard for the 10th Amendment.”
Holder and Obama also vow to fight the re-districting plan produced by the Texas legislature, as they did before the 2012 election.  No doubt they are hoping some more stalling tactics will play to their favor in the 2014 election cycle.

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