Thursday, September 25, 2014

HCRP's Westside Victory Center Holds Grand Opening

The Westside Victory Headquarters held a Grand Opening event Wednesday night featuring a 20 year old young man from Illinois as the guest speaker.  He spoke truth to power and held the attention of the entire audience of Republicans with his candid opinions and his experience as told in the stories he recited.

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point, USA. One very good prediction made by Kirk is that in the 2016 election campaign, look for the Democrat candidate to entice young voters with a promise of legislation to eliminate student debt.  I see the Wall Street Journal editorial page is thinking along the same lines with this story:

"Last week we told you  about the$20 billion annual rise in Department of Education outlays, due to an increase in student-loan borrowers using income-based repayment programs. Today the Journal reports the disturbing details for taxpayers.

"Enrollment in the plans has surged, thanks in part to a continuing administration publicity campaign. As of June, the number had swelled to 1.91 million Americans holding more than $101 billion in student loans—nearly a 10th of all outstanding federal student debt. The number of borrowers and debt covered roughly has doubled in the past year," reports the Journal.
These plans allow borrowers to reduce monthly payments to just 10% of discretionary income. The loans can then be forgiven after ten years if borrowers work in government or for a non-profit—basically any job as long as it doesn't involve a profit-seeking business.
So the government is spending taxpayer dollars to encourage young people to avoid repaying loans to taxpayers, while at the same time encouraging these young people to work for outfits that don't pay taxes. Margaret Thatcher might have called it a perfect formula for eventually running out of other people's money."
The Obama White House is currently running a publicity campaign to encourage young people to go into public service by offering the goodie of reduced payments on student loans.  As Charlie Kirk mentioned, the typical graduating college student leaves school $33,000 in debt.  Unfortunately, free money is more of an incentive to support a candidate than the logic of a private sector job that Republican business economics can produce.
The Westside Victory Center is a part of the Harris County Republican Party network in the get out the vote effort.  There are now several centers open throughout Harris County.  Phone banking for candidates and campaign literature distribution are two of the ways these centers are helping out this election season.
Thanks to Republican Women, the Westside Victory Center is up and running.  The Grand Opening was hosted by Village Republican Women and Magic Circle Republican Women.  Also credited with support was Memorial West Republican Women. Many candidates and elected officials stopped by, as well as Paul Simpson, chairman of Harris County Republican Party and Tracy Hobson, HCRP Political Director.

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