Tuesday, September 23, 2014

POTUS Salutes Marine With Coffee Cup In Hand

President Obama saluted a Marine while holding a coffee cup in his right hand.  I've never seen that done before, by a Commander in Chief.  In case you have never seen this either, take a look:


That tidbit was not originally in the report from the White House press pool.  The White House, though, included it in its Instagram account.  Social media strikes again.  See how this works?

Also, on the subject of basic manners, you will also see on the little video clip that he comes down the steps from Marine One and walks on down the tarmac without looking back at First Lady Michelle Obama disembarking behind him. He just keeps walking with his sunglasses on and coffee cup in hand.  What a swell guy.


Anonymous said...

Were those critics as appalled when WH security was breached?

Karen Townsend said...

Which critics and how does WH security fit into this story?