Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's a New Day

Feeling more like myself today, it's a new day. Coffee drinking worked its magic and into the world I went. Stopped by the grocery store after dropping off the son at school in case we get any rainshowers this afternoon. I like going to early in the morning while the store is still quiet and not crowded.

Two disquieting local stories in the news yesterday and continuing on into today. A local high school was on lockdown yesterday after a teen was shot, drive-by style, in front of the school. More news is coming out this morning and seems to be a gang thing. This school has had its problems, beginning to come to a head after the Katrina evacuees came to town. As many schools suffered from turf wars between the locals and the New Orleans kids, this school in particular had a lot of problems including violence between the groups. Now they seem to have a growing gang problem. Earlier in the school year there was a report of a violent sexual assault in a restroom on school grounds. Sounds like the school needs new administrative leadership.

The second story of concern this morning is the arrest of two men in cahoots with the Taliban. As you may know, this area has a huge Muslim population, especially in comparison to other metro areas around the country, except Detroit. These two young men, one mid-twenties, one early thirties, were arrested and charged with training to fight American and coalition forces in the middle east. They were trained just outside Houston and I hope the authorities are handling all that this entails. Shut the operations down and get rid of these enemies of our country. One, by the way, is an illegal Pakistani.

I'm still waiting for the cold snap we have been promised for the past few days. It is suppose to be here tomorrow. I would like to stop running the a/c around here, thank you. The electric company has gotten enough of our family budget this year.


Anonymous said...

I've tried and tried to keep my fingers in my ears to avoid news, but it isn't working. I am weak. I must read. I must listen.

I heard a little about both these Houston stories. Not good about the Taliban/training. Not good.

srp said...

Glad you're feeling better and hope it does get cooler. They say 75 for this area tomorrow. Of course they also said it wasn't going to rain until Saturday and it has been misting and damp and drizzling on and off all day.

Well, well... and no one in Washington has the gumption to stand up against illegal immigration.

Beverly said...

Glad you're feeling better.

That's scary stuff.