Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberal Hypocrisy Catches Up With NPR

Good riddance, Vivian Schiller and Ron Schiller (no relation). Vivian Schiller was NPR President and CEO. Ron Schiller was a Senior Vice-President and chief fundraiser for NPR. Both are now gone from NPR due to typical liberal out-of-touch thought put out into public discourse. Both caught on tape spouting off liberal diatribe that insults regular Americans. Both are no doubt surprised that they are looking for work.

You may remember back in October 2010 when Vivian Schiller launched into her explanation of the firing of reporter Juan Williams from the outfit. She told an audience during a q & a session after a speech that Williams should consult his psychiatrist. Williams dared to stray from the progressive talking points during his gig at Fox News, expressing his own personal opinions.

NPR's Ron Schiller launched into a political attack against Republicans at a fundraiser that was a trap set by conservative activists posing as wealthy Muslims wishing to contribute to NPR's coffers. He claimed that the GOP was all up in everyone's personal lives. Interesting. He called Tea Party activists racists and gun toting reactionaries. Wasn't it the far left Democrats determined to ram through a sweeping overhaul of the delivery of health care in our country, led by the far left ideologue in the White House, Barack Obama? What is more personal in one's life than health care?

Schiller, on federal funding, explained on tape: "it is clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding." I couldn't agree more. There are lots and lots of progressive urban dwellers on both coasts to support NPR. NPR can do it the old-fashioned way - get out there and get commercial sponsors. Let's stop the farce of claiming that NPR is non-partisan.

Conservatives don't want to kill off Elmo and Big Bird. We want them to get out into the world and make their own way, especially after decades of being on the federal handout list. We want Dora the Explorer to be a strong, self-sufficient young woman. Would Democrats be calling Elmo and Big Bird to come to their photo ops on this subject if PBS was known to be conservative? Of course not. Chances are, NPR and PBS won't even miss the taxpayer money.

And, yes, Barack Obama supports NPR as an "important part of his budget", according to his spokesperson, Jay Carney. Really, Mr. President? This is the sword on which you choose to fall? Matter of fact, Obama has requested increased funding for public media.

Senators Coburn and DeMint have introduced a bill to de-fund NPR and PBS. The federal government issued about $420 million last year for public media. Obama's recent budget request included $451 million for this purpose. The total over the last decade is about $4 billion, according to Coburn and DeMint.

PBS and NPR both receive a mix of federal and corporate funds. NPR gets 2 percent of its funding from federal subsidies, while PBS gets about 15 percent, according to the senators.

The outlets "will do just fine without largess from Washington," Coburn said.

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