Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oprah Admits She Was Wrong About George W. Bush

Oprah admits on her behind the scenes show, filmed about her last year of doing her talk show, that she believed the message delivered by critics of former President George W. Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina. It is interesting that now she admits she was wrong to do so.

Imagine that. It's better to come to your own conclusion than to just accept popular spin from those who wish a political opponent to fail.

Bush was promoting his book, "Decision Points" and Oprah, after reading the section about Hurricane Katrina, came to realize the disaster was mostly hampered by incompetence at the state and local levels, not solely at the federal level. She admitted that once you "know the facts" you understand it wasn't simply Bush or racism at fault.

Knowing the facts. Yes, it is good to dig deeper than just listening to voices with an agenda, Oprah.

She spoke of Bush and his very human reaction of anger and hurt from the racist charge. For someone who is often complaining about untrue items being written about her, she sure is quick to believe untruths about others.

And, in typical Oprah fashion, at the end of the interview she was speaking about how kind Bush is and that she'd like to be invited to hang out with him in Texas.

Here's a bit of the behind the scenes of the show:

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Eric Noren said...

I guess it's nice that she can admit it so long after the fact. Most people would just keep quiet.

I wonder if Oprah thinks she might've had a responsibility to learn more about the situation at the time?