Saturday, March 12, 2011

Republican Party of Texas on Education Funding

From a press release issued by the Republican Party of Texas Friday:

Today, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) announced that it has launched a radio spot to fight back against Democratic misinformation and partisanship in the budgeting process as it pertains to the future of the Texas education system. The RPT's commercial is currently running in the Corpus Christi market and will be expanded to other Texas markets as needed.

In the announcement, RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri stated, "This ad campaign is designed to highlight the stark difference in philosophy between the Republican and Democratic parties as our Texas Legislature works through our biennial budget process. The RPT has launched this radio buy to counter the spread of misinformation from House Democratic leaders and to stand up for our hard-working Republican legislators who are doing the heavy lifting on protecting the future of our schoolchildren's education. While Republican legislators are focusing on protecting the classroom, Democrats are offering no solutions other than scare tactics and sharp increases in taxes that will stifle families and the Texas economy. The RPT will not let their attacks go unchallenged."

Listen to the ad:

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