Sunday, March 06, 2011

Will Newt Gingrich Run For President?

You would think that a man who has been a part of the political scene for as long as Newt Gingrich would be better organized - or at least better handled - wouldn't you?

He's in, he's not in yet, he's announcing, he's not ready to announce. Please.

"I think it's going to take a fair amount of time.

At least, a number of weeks -- maybe six or seven -- because you want to really -- this is such a big decision if you're serious about it. It covers so many different requirements, if you look what Obama spent last time.... if you're serious about trying to not just run, but to both win the nomination and win the presidency, you really need to take some time to lay the groundwork, think it through, explore the possibility before you make the final decision."

At this point we have to hope the guy is not running in the GOP primary for 2012. If media savvy Gingrich can't surround himself with people capable of making him look ready for the job while possessing every top gun name and phone number in his contact list then how would he possibility inspire confidence that he will be up to the challenge of an uber-sophisticated media shop on the payroll of Barack Obama?

Gingrich should just accept the fact that his time in elected office has come and gone. He is a brilliant, forward thinking policy wonk and that should continue to be his focus. He should continue to mentor and encourage those willing to come forward and run for office. He should continue to promote ideas of outreach to all corners and he should continue to raise money for the party.

No one is better than Gingrich as a teacher - one who can make the stories in American history come alive and hold the attention of an audience. He is a natural story teller. He is a natural in front of an audience or with an interviewer on television. He is comfortable in the role of professor.

It is hard to believe he is truly up for a presidential run but not so difficult to ponder that this exploratory committee formed is for raising money and little else.

In his IRS disclosure, Gingrich states that his organization "Newt Exploratory 2012" was formed for the "purpose of discerning the feasibility of a potential candidacy for federal office." The formal title of the IRS form is Political Organization Notice of Section 527 Status.

Earlier this week Gingrich's political team was careful to say that they were merely entering an "exploratory phase," but this new group allows them to raise money for a potential presidential run without requiring them to register as a candidate with the FEC. If Gingrich decides to officially enter the 2012 presidential race, his campaign can transfer funds from this new 527 group into a formal campaign committee, as long as all donations comply with federal campaign regulations.

The former congressman, businessman, and author has a web of businesses and organizations under his umbrella that complicate the FEC filing process.

Inside the GOP there are many social conservatives that would not support Gingrich because of his personal history with his ex-wives, though he receives support for his political career from them when asked by media. Social conservatives are a bit too heavy on the sanctimonious exercise of judging others, which I was taught that religious people were not to do to others. In 2012 the GOP will need to reach out and get all the support possible against Team Obama. Perhaps the purity test crowd learned a lesson after they stayed home in protest of John McCain and Obama was elected.

Will Newt run? I doubt it.

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Eric Noren said...

I was a fan of Newt after reading Real Change and Winning the Future. I was rooting for him to get in in 2008.

Now I'm not so sure. You're right, his team doesn't look like very professional right now, and he's made a few dumb statements the last two years.