Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boycott This List of Companies Supporting More Energy Regulations

I believe in voting with my pocketbook. Many years ago, I read a book on consumerism and learning to purchase products according to your personal beliefs. It sounds a bit out-there in the beginning, as in how can one person make an impact, but here's the thing: one person gradually becomes more people and it does make a difference.

Companies are hyper aware of social perception of their products. Opinion polls and consumer focus groups are used by all the top brands and large companies dependent on reputation and brand loyalty for profit.

Have you noticed a trend towards marketing for women? Why is that, you ask? Companies are marketing with an eye toward the woman consumer because in most households it is the woman who is making the purchasing decisions. Whether it is the routine trip to the grocery store or researching the best deal for a major appliance, it is usually being done by a woman. Women make a big difference in the marketplace and I want to see that power grow.

I learned of this list from fellow Houston political blogger and friend, Michelle, and it is worth sharing. This list caught my attention because one of my primary interests is the energy industry and this list is one of companies who support the Obama administration's energy policies.

These companies are members of BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy) and USCAP (U.S. Climate Action Partnership). The companies support regulations that will drive up the cost of energy and will do nothing for energy independence.

The energy industry is the most regulated industry in the country. That some would lobby for more regulations means that the companies are in it for political favor and not common sense. Green energy is fine but it is no where near playing a major part in our energy needs and is rife now with political cronyism, as seen in the decisions made in the Obama administration to choose companies like Solyndra which then promptly failed to the tune of millions and millions of taxpayer dollars.

The Obama administration is no friend of the energy industry. As has been proven in decisions made concerning the oil and gas industry, it is apparent the ideologues are in charge and trying mightily to destroy it. President Obama is a coward, unwilling to make the final decisions between powerful lobbyists.

With some of the companies on the list, it is hard to purchase from other companies. For example, Dow Chemicals. Just do the best you can.

An informed consumer is a powerful person. Embrace your personal power as a consumer. Do it for your family, your community and your country.

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