Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Grassroots Texans Network Offers to Host Cruz-Dewhurst Debates

As a follow up to the invitation extended by U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz to Lt Governor David Dewhurst Monday, today The Grassroots Texans Network offered to organize the Lincoln-Douglas debates should they be agreed upon.

This is the press release:

In an open letter released today, the organizers of a statewide grassroots network have offered to host a series of Lincoln-Douglas debates proposed by U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz issued a public proposal to Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in a letter released on Monday.

The organization, known as The Grassroots Texans Network, is offering the candidates assistance in identifying local hosts, securing venues, negotiating dates and times and actively promoting the events to the public. The group has begun the process of reaching out to local grassroots organizations across Texas in order to identify potential venues and dates for the debates.

In the letter released today, group founder Ken Emanuelson notes, “the people of Texas are best served when they are provided with ample opportunities to get to know,full well, the candidates presented to them for election. We write to both of you today, in good faith, in the pursuit of that goal.”

Monday’s letter from Cruz to Dewhurst proposed a series of five debates in the Lincoln-Douglas style. The Grassroots Texans group proposes to host the five events in various locations around the state, in order to maximize the opportunities for Texas voters to evaluate the candidates. Organizers are in the process of contacting local organizations in Dallas, Houston, Austin,San Antonio and Tyler, and hope to host a debate in each of these cities.

The Grassroots Texans Network is a non-partisan statewide network of hardworking Texans dedicated to the advancement of fundamental American principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, the rule of law and American sovereignty. The network’s mission is to advance these core principles by informing fellow Texans on the issues and working to actively engage them in the political process.

Who is The Grassroots Texans Network? According to the description on their website -

We are not an organization, coalition or alliance, but rather a network of Texans working individually toward common goals. We research, inform, strategize, train, petition, rally, walk, call and just basically do whatever it takes to stand up and fight for the core American values we believe in.

Updates will follow here if the debates are agreed to by both campaigns.

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