Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gingrich Ascends in Polls

The takeaway from recent polling of the GOP candidates for President is that Newt Gingrich is a sleeper. He's slowly rising in the polls and in most of them, he is now in third place behind Romney and Cain.

You can see the wrap up on the various polls HERE

Interesting, right? Romney seems to be unable to break out of a steady 20-25% of support and Cain continues to remain at the top. Time will tell if the current kerfuffle will sink his popularity. And, look at Gingrich. He's on the ascent.

I think the more people take a look at Gingrich, the more they approve of what he brings to the table. Unlike some who think it's not a good thing that GOP voters and Independents are all over the place with support of the candidates, I think it is good at this point. We still have debates to watch among the field and the new calendar of early primaries and caucuses will force voters to focus as we reach the end of the year.

Whether or not you put much stock into the results of televised debates or not, the fact it that they are important. Why? They are important because whomever is the GOP nominee will go up against Barack Obama. Obama can hold his own and the GOP candidate will have to be able to do so, too. Since I'm not an Obama fan, I find that he continues to lose his mojo. Without his teleprompter, I think he stumbles and hestitates in addressing questions. Debating skills are important in a campaign.

Gingrich is not afraid to get out in front with his opinions. He was the only one of the candidates to declare the Super Committee, for example, a really stupid idea. Turns out, he's right. They are deadlocked in traditional positions - the Democrats demand substantial tax hikes, Republicans demand spending cuts.

Would women voters actually support Gingrich in light of his personal history? I don't know. I do think it is important that the GOP get it right with our nominee because I am convinced that Barack Obama can be defeated, even with his huge war chest of cash and the power of the incumbency. Think Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. We have no Reagan this time around but we must rally around the strongest candidate.

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