Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Battleground Texas Mocks Texas GOP with Plea for Contributions

Today Battleground Texas sent out an email mocking the Republicans of Texas as they complained that Republicans were mocking them. At the bottom of the email was the obligatory plea for contributions. The group wants you to know Republicans are scared of them. 

And while we can appreciate a sense of humor, the way the GOP is leading our great state and their indifference to countless Texans being forgotten in the democratic process is no laughing matter. It's frankly ironic that Republicans have the time to write a lengthy note poking fun at a movement to help more people make their voices heard — yet they continue to ignore nearly half of the people of Texas.This dismissive, exclusionary attitude is exactly why Texans across the state are uniting behind Battleground Texas to make the Lone Star State count over the coming years — and to ensure our government represents all people, not just the few.In fact, today's statement is a simple reminder that the Texas GOP is worried we will succeed. Between the Party's "joke" and the host of uneasy comments we've already heard — including those from GovernorPerry and Senator Cruz, we think they're running scared.Texas Republicans know what we can do together — and it's clear they'll fight to stop us.
Boiler plate bluster, if you ask me. Also note the reference to "our government", which presents a bit of irony.  The leaders in this effort to turn the state blue (Democratic) rather than red (Republican) in political majority are all from out of state.  

HERE is the press release issued from the Republican Party of Texas, welcoming Battleground Texas to the state:

Statement from the Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri regarding launch of Battleground Texas, an Obama campaign effort to turn Texas blue by the next Presidential election.

“Texas recently has welcomed hundreds of thousands of political and economic refugees from far off lands, seeking a new home and better opportunity in the oasis of liberty known as Texas. Recently, a team of liberal Obama campaign insiders joined this migration. We thought we’d be hospitable to these friendly competitors by offering some tips and facts they may find useful for assimilating into what, for them, must seem like a strange and foreign land.”

  • If politics doesn’t work out, you might want to visit Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth or San Antonio – 5 of the nation’s 10 best cities for good jobs.
  • Get Texas residency quickly to avoid paying state income tax. Even though we don’t agree with your politics, we do believe that you are the best judge of how to spend your own money.
  • When offered a tamale, you need to remove the corn husk before eating the delicious meat wrapped inside.
  • Be sure to visit with some of the world’s smartest engineers at NASA. Their space exploration efforts have resulted in fantastic scientific discoveries and many useful inventions, including healthier baby food, advancements in breast cancer diagnoses and farther flying golf balls. Maybe when you’re done, you can call Ohio and recommend they send their retired space shuttle to Texas, where it belongs.
  • Don't sit cross legged while wearing spurs.
  • Texas Republicans have elected more minorities to statewide office in the past 19 years than Democrats did after controlling the state for over 100 years. The list includes Al Gonzales, David Medina, Eva Guzman, Wallace Jefferson and Dale Wainwright to the Texas Supreme Court, Elsa Alcala to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Victor Carillo and Michael Williams to the Texas Railroad Commission. And, Texas’ first U.S. Senator of Hispanic descent, Ted Cruz.
Texas is doing just fine with our low taxes, limited government and personal freedoms. We think it’s just a matter of time before you realize we’re doing things well here and when you do, invite you to join the dozens of Democrat elected officials who switched to the Republican Party in the last year. In fact, just this last week, we welcomed 3 more former Democrats to the GOP.

While the email mischaracterizes old statements from Governor Perry and Senator Ted Cruz as "uneasy" when answering questions about the Latino vote in Texas, what they were doing was truthfully assessing the last election results. An honest approach to welcoming Hispanic voters to our party and sincere outreach efforts are the answer that party leaders are spreading.  We win elections by growing our voting population.  The numbers don't lie.

We live in interesting times.

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