Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Battleground Texas Sings the Blues for Texas

Two former Obama campaign team members are setting up shop in the very red state of Texas because they have determined that Hispanics never really vote for Republicans. Or something.

Using the lapdog media as willing partners, as the current Team Obama does in the White House, Politico obediently reported on the launch of Battleground Texas.

Two veterans of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign are deploying to Texas to head up a Democratic group aimed at turning the Republican electoral stronghold into a bona fide swing state.
POLITICO reported last month that Democratic strategists, led by former Obama field director Jeremy Bird, were creating a group called Battleground Texas with a goal of making the Lone Star State politically competitive.
Now, the group is bringing on two operatives to lead its efforts on the ground in Austin, according to strategists familiar with the plans.
Jenn Brown, who was the Obama campaign’s Ohio field director, will serve as executive director of Battleground Texas. Christina Gomez, a former digital strategist for the Democratic National Committee, will be the group’s digital director.
Yee haw. The Democrats are coming, the Democrats are coming.  From out of state, no less.  

Strategists have described the organization as an effort to bring Texas’s electoral behavior more in line with the state’s demographics. Despite having a majority-minority population – 38 percent of Texans called themselves Latino or Hispanic in the 2010 census – Texas continues to vote strongly Republican at the federal and state level.

I'd say that was a bit condescending towards our Hispanic brothers and sisters, but what do I know? It must not be a racist thing if you imply that Hispanic voters are too ignorant to know they are voting for the wrong party's candidates if you are a Democrat.  Double standards and all.

Mitt Romney may not have done well with Hispanic voters in Texas but George W. Bush did, thank you very much.  Hispanic voters supported him in his races for Governor and for President, too. In 2004, his last presidential race, Bush received 44% of the national vote.

From the DONATIONS page:

Battleground Texas is a grassroots movement by Texas for Texans. Your support means organizers on the ground in our communities and across the state.
We are committed to organizing in every community across the Lone Star State. Join us by making a donation today.

I'm not sure what the "by Texas for Texans" means since we know the two women in charge of starting up this effort are from elsewhere. You will notice that they use Governor Perry's quote - "The University of Texas will change its colors to maroon and white before Texas goes purple, much less blue." as the initial fundraising tool.

So, as declared at the bottom of the donations page by Battleground Texas, Game On! Active Texas Republicans have been predicting this battle for several election cycles of late.  Battleground Texas knows it will not be an easy fight.  It will take some time for them to be successful on the ground, as the state Democratic party is so weak and lacking infrastructure.  Texas Republicans intend to continue the fight to keep Texas in the red state column. From the local county level to the state level, actions are being taken to secure the state's political preference on the ground and even online. 

Game on, indeed.

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Suni Perkins said...

THIS is not for votes! This is a cover up to install an wide opening for a take over for the upcoming VOTE! Another way for them to STEAL OF STATE! WAKE UP TEXAS!!