Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Cantor Promotes Common Sense Way Forward for GOP

A sign that the speech delivered by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was an important one at AEI on Tuesday was the White House scheduling President Obama's remarks on the debt and deficit problems facing our country during the same time.  It's a classic political move - try and drown out the other party's message through media coverage.

Cantor's speech was all about making life work.   “Making life work for more working people, and all who want to work, is the best way to a future of higher growth and more opportunity.” It was getting out in front of the president's upcoming State of the Union address.

The government should ensure that Americans from all walks of life have a fair shot to pursue success and achieve their dreams, declared US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in an address Tuesday at the American Enterprise Institute. In the address, Rep. Cantor unveiled a series of policy proposals aimed at “Making Life Work” for more Americans that will serve as legislative priorities for House Republicans in the 113th Congress.
Although parts of Rep. Cantor’s address touched on the fiscal challenges the United States faces, inparticular a looming entitlement crisis brought on by Medicare and Medicaid, most of his remarks focused on creating the conditions necessary to maximize opportunity for everyday Americans.
Rep. Cantor articulated the House GOP’s vision for the upcoming legislative agenda, spotlighting priorities including education, tax reform, immigration, and health care. He put a human face on many of his proposals by citing anecdotal evidence from several guests in the audience who have struggled to navigate these systems and urged Congress to “move heaven and earth” to address these problems.

It is about time that GOP leadership gets out there and tells our story. We are not the party of no government. We are the party of small government. We are compassionate and want all to have the tools to succeed.

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Steve Parkhurst said...

Nice post. Cantor did a great job of laying out a sort of Paul Ryan type of vision and argument. This is good news, Paul Ryan can't lead the movement by himself.