Monday, February 25, 2013

FLOTUS Appears During Oscar Ceremony - For No Apparent Reason

Unclear as to what the purpose was, First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance during the annual Oscar ceremony Sunday night. When it came time for the last award of the evening, that of Best Picture, veteran actor Jack Nicholson walked onto the stage and introduced Mrs. Obama.  She appeared on a large screen in full formal wear plus the bonus of military members standing behind her, in dress uniforms.  

It was bizarre, to say the least. As noted, conservatives in particular jumped to tweet about the stunt.  Most of all, the use of military personnel in dress uniform as props for her appearance was seen as a disgraceful move. One of my own tweets appeared in the collection.

Karen Townsend @penguinponders: FLOTUS announces Best Picture.Why?and military as props.Disgusting.

That went out as I recovered from my surprise at the stunt registered in my brain. I grabbed my BlackBerry and tweeted about it.  Apparently I was not the only viewer astonished that this White House continues to impose itself in absolutely every event that brings television cameras.  Plus, the woman didn't even bother to thank the military for their service - any of them.  She was too busy uttering bon mots to those promoting her agenda thru social manipulation of society.

Just like with her husband, her appearance was all about her.

The White House, failing to grasp the national pulse yet again as far as optics go, tweeted out a photo Monday morning of the appearance.  How proud they are!


Turns out Obama buddy and Hollywood liberal extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein was behind all this. It was the cherry on the liberal ice cream sundae feast.  Interesting that Mr. Weinstein's ultra violent movies, from which he is a very wealthy man and able to contribute so generously to candidates, are not being called out by the First Lady.  What with gun violence such a hot button issue in current events, you'd think that the First Lady would jump on the opportunity to voice her opinion of them as she promotes healthier lifestyles for children and families, wouldn't you?  

Oh. That's right.  This is the First Lady that only wants to work two days a week.  

She was supposed to be a different kind of first lady—an Ivy League–educated, fashion-trendsetting professional who blew up the conventions of the job. No one could have imagined back in the heady days following the election that she’d declare that she would work only two or three days a week, choose a couple of politically comfortable issues, and stay out of the glare of the political spotlight. The result has been a low-key tenure that some have found to be disappointingly conventional.
Playing dress up and reading off a teleprompter is hardly work, though.  I wonder if that was counted as part of this week's two day commitment. 

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