Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Look at Hillary's Cabinet Choices & Trump's First 30 Days

Remember that binary choice I referred to in my last blog post? This is what those who call themselves conservatives or Republicans who morphed into permanent #NeverTrump scowls were willing to give America in a President Hillary Clinton administration. This list is what a Hillary Clinton cabinet would look like.

According to Mike Allen in Axios, this was the list of Hillary Clinton's picks for her cabinet:

Secretary of State - John Podesta
Attorney General - Loretta Lynch
Labor Department - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz
Defense Department - Michèle Flournoy
Health and Human Services - Center for American Progress executive director Neera Tanden
Environmental Protection Agency and/or the Department of Education -"an African-American candidate"
Brian Fallon - press secretary
Nick Merrill - traveling press secretary
Huma Abedin - deputy Chief of Staff
Ron Klain - Chief of Staff
Robby Mook - senior adviser
Philippe Reines - counselor
Karen Dunn - White House counsel
Heather Samuelson - White House deputy counsel (you may remember this name from email scandal at State Dept)
Jennifer Palmieri -“whatever she wants” in the West Wing
Sara Latham - deputy Chief of Staff for operations (you may remember this name from the Podesta password hack scandal)
Jake Sullivan - National Security Advisor (Hillary's State Dept deputy who sent classified emails to her private server)
Tom Donilon
- CIA Director (Hillary's State Dept)

The list also shows Hillary wanted former Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, to be DNC chairman.

Note that any African American name was good for Dept of Education and/or EPA - in Hillary Clinton's world, it is all about token identity preferences and politics. Just fill the quota.

We dodged a bullet when Trump won the election. This is why I was #NeverHillary from the get-go. Any Republican administration was going to be better for America - if you are of the belief that the Republican principles and philosophy are best - than a Hillary Clinton/Democrat/Socialist administration. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have continued to kowtow to Bernie Sanders and his supporters of the Socialist movement to gain their favor, just as she allowed herself to be pushed farther to the left by him in her campaign.

I shudder to think of who her Supreme Court nominee choices would have been.

The election was a binary choice. With 30 days in, Trump has nominated a conservative dream of a Supreme Court justice choice. He has rolled back regulations killing small businesses in America and sending businesses overseas. American corporations are announcing plans to remain or move back to this country and the amount of jobs that this will produce. He has surrounded himself with military officers willing to advise on the war on radical Islamic terrorism. He is pushing Congress to advance tax reform legislation and to repeal and replace Obamacare. He has begun the process of restoring working relationships with allies - Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Israel - all invited to the White House. He went to Dover AFB on the return of the casket of a fallen hero and pay his respects to the family. He honored their request for privacy - no pictures taken there.

Not a bad first month, if you ask me.

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