Saturday, December 01, 2007

Art By Any Other Name

I've received this month's notice that my donated pounds of coffee to the troops has been sent out. It always makes me smile. The very least the troops deserve is a decent cup of coffee.

Our troops are fighting for our freedom here at home. Let those who bury their heads and cover their eyes and ears continue to ignore the threats of Islamofacism. Let those who want to appease and run hold that thought. Ignoring and appeasing brought 9/11 and the defeatists hope you are tired enough of being at war to sweep in their candidates in November 2008. They offer no solutions from there but just vote for them, okay?

I saw video of an 'art' exhibit now at the main New York Public Library. This exhibit shows photos of members of the Bush administration, including the President and VP, as though they are mug shots. Isn't that clever? The NY Public Library - Public being the operative word here - is run with tax dollars. It is on city property. The employees work for the city of New York. Yet, in order to push a political agenda, denied by the Library of course, this exhibit is allowed on the walls for all to see. School children on field trips, foreign visitors, hey, maybe family and friends of those on the wall.

The artists, the term used loosely here, involved? They are Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese. The exhibit is called "Multiple Interpretations: Contemporary Prints in Portfolio at the New York Public Library." Interesting. Here's my interpretation for the gals: It's complete crap. It's not art. They are called political cartoons by the 'artists'. Usually political cartoons are actual cartoons, not fake photos.

No 'cartoons' of anyone on the other side of the political aisle? I'm shocked.

Tammy Bruce, a liberal Dem who gets it - she puts country before political party like a grown up - said, "Who put al-Qaeda in charge of the N.Y. Public Library system, but then, of course, remembered the American left is doing their bidding for them."

Some are amused at the exhibit. Others, not so much. "It's a library," 54 year old Jim Strifler of Long Island, N.Y. told the Daily News. "Maybe this would be okay for a museum, but this is supposed to be public ground."

And from Ms. Bruce: "Not only is that unacceptable in a publicly funded entity, but as pro-choicers argued when pro-life extremists did the same thing featuring doctors who performed abortions, the same doctors would get murdered. So here is the enlightened, "progressive" left doing exactly what they decried no so many years ago as dangerous and the promotion of violence. I noted that not only should the display be taken down, but those who approved it should be fired."

It won't happen, the person approving the exhibit is no doubt receiving all kinds of high fives at work for such cleverness, such daring exhibits, and will probably receive a raise.

But, don't you question their patriotism.

Don't worry. The troops fight for them, too. That's the American way.


Paul is a Hermit said...

The "artists" just bought themselves instant fame on every liberal talk and news show. To every ultra-left function.
They're the new Cindy Sheehan, eligible for interviews and maybe even, if they can figure out for what, a Nobel Prize.
They probably thought about displaying an Islam prophet or two like that but then, on second thought, they might get killed for that art.
Better to let the troops die for their right to be scum, I'm sure they support the troops. At least in that regard.
Karen, I have appreciated you. I want you to know.

Incognito said...

Shameful... too bad they at least didn't counter it with something from the other side... then at least it would be fair.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

The funny point is that these artiste' are supposed to be au currant, witty and all together with it. So why are they stuck in the 2004 wayback machine?

Played, out of touch and incorrect - sure. Art? hmmmmmmmm I reckon.

After all other artists are stuck in time - like 'Oasis' the band - always trying to re record the Beatles 'Revolver' CD.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

It sure doesn't take much to get your panties in a bunch, does it?

The "public" in New York Public Library (and in any other municipal library system) simply means that any member of the public can walk in to see the exhibition and/or otherwise use the library's resources.

Libraries, thankfully, don't get in the business of censoring, though that's what it seems you'd like NYPL to do here.

If the works of Ligorano and Reese
bug you, maybe you should poke around the online exhibit a little more, just to see what else is on tap. May I suggest the series by Daniel Heyman?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

the person approving the exhibit is no doubt receiving all kinds of high fives at work for such cleverness, such daring exhibits, and will probably receive a raise.

You know what would prove them bold and daring? If they actually created "art" pieces that were pro-Bush and pro-war on terror.

Bash Christianity. You can get away with it without fear of losing your life. Bash Islam, and you are either in fear for your life, or in the least, ostracized by the multiculturalist PC police, chastised by your fellow citizens as racist, bigoted, ignorant, intolerant, religiously prejudiced, inflammatory, etc.

Anonymous said...

"...then at least it would be fair..."

Fair? Liberals? Seems like a oxymoron to me.

It's a public library, receiving public funds. Just like a public school, there shouldn't be political statements made. This isn't art - it's BDS politics.

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