Monday, December 03, 2007

Sometimes Inevitable Isn't

I read that the British English teacher in Sudan is pardoned and on her way back to England. No lashes or extended jail sentences. No firing squad or beheading, either.

Sometimes inevitable isn't inevitable after all.

I see with the polls that Senator Obama is gaining on Senator Clinton in Iowa. Now Clinton's long knives are out. She's gone all the way back to Obama's kindergarten days to highlight that he wanted to be President even back then. What?

Sometimes inevitable isn't inevitable after all.

And, as expected, Queen Hillary was described as "regal - looking", "the picture of calm" by her shills at the AP, as she conducted the second of her press conferences after the unfortunate hostage situation at her headquarters in the town in New Hampshire. First, she milked it for 2 press conferences. Then she got to be martyr Hillary as she had to cancel her appearance at the Dem conference in Virginia. Then she got to act as though she was a part of the hostage situation resolution. What?

What did she do besides cancel her travel to Virginia and bug the crap out of the officials handling the situation in New Hampshire? Even by her own admission she was bugging them incessantly. Either she lied about her constant contact with them or she was in the way. Either way, not good. We are suppose to think she is able to handle tense situations as president now. All we saw was an obsessive control freak.

Hillary's whole campaign is based on her inevitably factor as the nominee and then president. Her campaign is heavily relying on the votes of women, simply because she is a woman. Both of these assumptions are dangerous and now blowing up in her face. She fumbled over the illegals getting drivers licenses during that debate and has been slipping since. Women are turning off to her as she becomes even more shrill and arrogant. She told Katie Couric, "I WILL be the nominee" after Couric asked if she thought much about not being the nominee. People don't like arrogant and people don't like nasty campaigning in Iowa. She would do well to remember what happened between Dean and Gephardt last time around. Kerry ended up the benefactor then.

Hillary continues to pad her resume and act as though she does so much more than than she in fact accomplishes. I think some potential voters are taking a second look at her.

Sometimes inevitable isn't inevitable after all.

At least maybe not in Iowa. You can fool some of the people some of the time...

And, Hugo Chavez trying to name himself Dictator for Life of Venezuela?

Sometimes inevitable isn't inevitable after all.



Paul is a Hermit said...

Hollywood, among other groups might want to think what will happen to them after seeing thousands screaming for the teacher's head just for naming a Teddy Bear.
They're not as immune as they think.

The thing about Hugo is, it's his Army.

Conservative Belle said...

It is really funny. I watched Hillary's "regal-like" speech live when she gave it. I remember thinking right then - the press is going to paint her as presidential.

It was an orchestrated press conference such as the ones that a president would give in response to a national or international crisis. It looked like something from a movie with a script.

Jennifer said...

She's also sending two of her biggest campaign cheeseheads to bunker down in Iowa 'til doomsday.

Methinks her royal little head is a tad worried.

Incognito said...

And Madame Hillary hasn't been salivating for the presidency since before she married old Bill?

As for Chavez.. don't trust that man.. posted about him and Putin. Chavez still has till 2012 to re-assert himself.