Monday, December 10, 2007

Exit Stage Left

Seems to me with all the nonsense out there being tossed around for news consumption that there is an abundance of those former leaders of this group or that group unwilling to exit the stage. Their time in the sun has long ago faded yet they still think themselves so important that the public must hear from them.

Case in point? Andrew Young. Civil Rights pioneer with Martin Luther King, Jr. Former leader in the city of Atlanta. Former diplomat at the U.N.. Former leader of the NAACP. Lots of formers in his resume. Now, in order to appear relevant, after losing any credibility left as he lowered himself to the popular sport of publicly bashing President Bush at the NAACP gatherings, a 'bi-partisan' organization, he is yukking it up on stage about former President Clinton being the first black president of the U.S. Clinton being far blacker than Barack Obama. Clinton 'went with' way more black women than Obama ever has in his lifetime. Yeah, that's what he said. Then he said he was just joking about that last remark. Another alumni of the John Kerry school of comedy. And an even more disgusting piece of the story? The audience was lapping it up. Laughing and clapping. Oh, how very clever you are, Andrew.

He's a disgusting old has-been.

Hillary is suffering from the very asset she was counting on to ride her broom right on into the White House. She makes a point when she's down in the polls of telling her audiences that, don't worry, Bill will be in the White House with her. Andrew Young was saying the very same thing. Don't worry about Hillary's unworthiness, she'll have Bill there with her.

How's that for an aging boomer feminist? How's that for ms. "I'm no stand by your man kind of woman"?

Bill Clinton is getting on people's nerves. He never left the stage after he left the White House in the first place. He is a huge egoist. An attention hog. He started out all meek and attentive to Hillary on stage. He'll be honored to be First Laddie. Then he couldn't help himself. His speeches are heavily laden with 'me's' and 'I's', not Hillary and her ideas. It's still all about Bill. Audiences are getting bored with the Dem super star and he's slipping up big time. He's denying saying things, like his support of the Iraq War, and when confronted with tapes of previous comments on the record, he whines. He whines and whines. He complains that the press is being mean to Hillary.

Clinton would be the Horshack character in the old Welcome Back, Kotter tv series. Always raising his hand and demanding to be called upon.

What is needed is some type of adult day care centers for those no longer needed on the public stage. They could be staffed with adoring young people, all dew-eyed. They could listen to them yammer on and on and then applaud with enthusiasm when the speech was finished. Clinton, Young, Jesse Jackson, Jimma Carter, etc. They help no one anymore.

Not even themselves.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Hillary will promise anything to anyone at anytime, she'll be whatever anyone wants to get elected. Then, watch out, America, it's payback time!
Vindictive is her middle name. The military should be prepared to be gutted of the top ranks, equipment and finances, not to mention being sent to wherever the United Nations wishes.Further, if she has trouble, she'll just see what the U.N. wants her to do.
What's so hard about being President? Bill did it.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Or, did he?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

"they help us no more" That is the attitude I'm getting from people that grew up online - the played 'us against them' stuff people like Young etc spew out is totally wacky, untrue and out of touch. Look for the term 'Misery Merchant' to be used increasingly as these cats act out in their dotage.

Great article, great writing and truth - I'm sending it to two of my buds - Bad Influence and Wrong Crowd!


Right Truth said...

What a great post, but tell us what you REALLY think! heh

You are so right about all of them, but Bill Clinton especially. He's Hillary's worst enemy. He's jealous.

Right Truth

Sheri & SuZan said...

As much as I dislike Bill, I tremble at the thought of Hillary in just CAN'T happen!

Andrew Young sure made himself look like an ass. Just because you have been in the spot light doesn't mean that you need to return to it...geez.

P.S. Karen could you email me, I have a funny that I knew you would enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Lord help us, what kind of degree would it require to staff such a center? I had visions of the last season of Sopranos where Corrado was in the psych ward. I can just see all the ones you've mentioned elbowing each other to get the spotlight at group. If Hill loses to Obama, well, it won't be pretty.

I could not believe what Andrew Young said and could bear even less the enjoyment the audience showed. Blech.

Incognito said...

heh... great idea Karen... an old fogies center for has-beens. then they can out-best each other.