Monday, December 17, 2007

Sisterhood of Three

The week begins with a media blitz of Hillary appearing on 6 morning shows, including for the first time ever, on Fox and Friends. Listen, she's shaken up pretty bad if she's giving that much time to interviewers. This woman, who bogusly calls the present administration 'secretive' is the queen of secrets. She and Bill have still refused to release papers from the Arkansas days, not to mention White House days, for Pete's sake. If she's all about her 35 years of experience, as she claims, then let's see it. She's got absolutely nothing to show for her 'hard work on behalf of women and children' but she does have a massive failure to push aside. The health care debacle was the one major bit of policy entrusted to her and she failed miserably. And mostly in secret, too.

The Des Moines Register, however, still hearts Hillary and have endorsed her in the primary. This despite the meeting a few months back with her at an editorial board breakfast at Hill's hotel. The meeting "did not go so well", as reported by the New York Times. The editorial board members found her cold and not so chatty at the all girl meeting. Carolyn Washburn, you remember her stellar performance during the Republican debate in Des Moines, told the NYT that a Hillary aide called afterwards to apologize and asking for another meeting with Hillary. She promised Hillary's 'lighter side'. And, since then the board has been 'bombarded by Hillary surrogates', according to the article. Bill Clinton, Walter Mondale, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Madeleine Albright have all gone calling on Hill's behalf.

So, now that she's bragging about the endorsement and yet still aghast that she's behind Obama and may even lose to Edwards, she goes on morning talk shows and pulls out the cackle. She was all set up in the Drake Diner in Des Moines, all amongst the folks, and, when asked her most important issue, stated she had two - ending the war in Iraq and health care. Oh, the war she voted on and fully supported until a few months ago, and the one policy megafailure she has on her resume? Who told her to say that?

On the Obama surge, she says she doesn't pay attention to the day to day developments. Yes, we believe you Queen Hillary.

Maybe the same sheeple who are supporting Hillary, especially those who support her because 'it's time for a woman', also still think Nancy Pelosi, aka Grandma Mimi, is doing a terrific job up there on Capitol Hill. She failed to get any legislation passed this whole entire year, except the increase in minimum wage which will affect a minuscule portion of the general population. Grandma Mimi is so desperate for attention these days that she claimed last Thursday that Republicans want the war on Iraq to drag on. "They like this war. They want this war to continue," she told reporters, as written by the AP and reported on Grandma wants a Dem president so she can get legislation done.

You'd think that by age 67, having been raised in a political family back East, and married to a savvy millionaire with big connections, she'd be smart enough to know how to get things done, wouldn't you? Look at that dummy, George Bush. He keeps getting his agenda through.

And, Grandma can't even really complain about the recent charges that the CIA has used waterboarding in 2 or 3 documented cases. Maybe. She is documented as being a member of the congressional leadership who was briefed all the way back to 2002. And, it is not ruled out that she is one of the Dems who asked if even tougher methods could be used to get information from terrorists. Darn. Foiled again.

So, all those liberal Dems in leadership condoned what they now label torture techniques unacceptable. And, now they want to not renew the Patriot Act. And now they claim all the 'rights' have been stripped from Americans.

Hmm. Let's review. John Edwards, "the war on terror is a bumper sticker", John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Teddy (the swimmer) Kennedy and all the Dems voted for the Patriot Act, except for Russ Feingold (D-WI). And Mary Landrieu who wasn't there to vote.

And, Finally, Elizabeth Edwards would like you to know that Republicans scare her. She told some Dem caucus goers in a town hall meeting in Dubuque, Iowa that "Republicans should scare us in a lot of ways". And, apparently it's all about her fear of Karl Rove. As she was touring around the state with actor Kevin Bacon, she said "Karl Rove may not be working in the White House anymore but you can pretty much be sure he's going back in the presidential race...I believe he's going to be back and he's going to be doing that same kind of Rovian politics that we've seen before -- the kind of attacks that we saw against Sen. McCain in South Carolina we can expect to see against our nominee, 'swift boating', all that kind of stuff again." Ohhhh.

You can fear Rove for his completely successful consulting through the last decade or two, true enough, but the swift boating credit goes solely to John O'Neill right here in Houston.

Elizabeth said her hubby John could survive the Republican attack machine "We have to have a candidate who stands up, can take the punches and give it back to them." She better be careful. Sounds like she's describing Hillary. Is tough a descriptive word you think of when you think of John Edwards? Pretty boy, sure. "My daddy worked in a mill", yeah. Slimy trial lawyer, ok. But tough? Not so much.

He's got Elizabeth for the tough stuff.

I don't want to finish this without saying, on a sad note, Dan Fogelburg died yesterday. I fondly remember his music during my college days, in particular. He was only 56 years old. RIP.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Newspapers, what influence do they wield? A group of people sitting around discussing what is best for themselves and how they can sell us that what they want is, or should be, what we want.
Long ago the phrase, Give the People Light and They Shall Find Their Own Way, became, There Isn't Any Light, Just Do As We Say.
Anyone with a brain knows that. Most, are full of themselves. Frankly, Iowa, is only a media event.

The Des Moines Register, thanks to Carolyn, is a laughing stock, even among their own.

Ron Simpson said...

Correct me if I am wrong...
But aren't newspapers supposed to report the news and not make it?
For a paper to endorse anybocy is offensive to me. I was a journalism major in college and this goes against the grain of everything I was tought in college.

Me said...

ahhh the liberal biased DM paper. Yes.

... which would explain why I refuse to subscribe to the DM Register. And when they used to call me asking me if I would like to subscribe, boy would they get an ear full. LOL.

Incognito said...

Unfortunately,Paul, Newspapers do wield some influence with those that can't think for themselves.. which is a large majority of the U.S. Population.

As for Eliz. Edwards... her hubby scares the heck out of me and should her, as well.

And, indeed, RIP Dan.. I enjoyed his music, too.

Jolene said...

35 Years my butt. Obama has more experience than she does, him having served in his state senate for 8 years before moving onto the larger senate. She hasn't done anything PERIOD!