Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Do You Feel the Love?

Are you feeling the love yet? All the new commercials out showing the presidential candidates and families wishing you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, too? It's all a bit much. Seems to me if you have to work so hard to get voters to 'like' you, to recognize you as a warm and fuzzy person, then you probably aren't a warm and fuzzy person.

We have the Huckster, feigning innocence when questioned about the obvious cross, he says from a bookcase, prominently displayed behind him. We see Hillary's mother and daughter plus various other women friends speaking oh so sincerely about Hill's warmth and compassion. She's dropping in the polls with women voters and that's got her people scared. She is counting on women voters for the ride back into the White House. We see Rudy and Santa in an ad. Ok, that one is funny. Rudy lets his guard down and mugs for the camera. And, I just saw the Obama family wishing me a merry Christmas from one of his young daughters, and happy holidays from his other young daughter. That one was cute. Everyone is a sucker for a cute little girl or two being sweet.

I'm glad I don't live in Iowa. Even for a political junkie like me, it's all a bit too much. The campaigning season began way too early. Most of the campaigns only plan to take off on Christmas Day, maybe Christmas eve. Call me cynical but I'm guessing we'll be seeing candidates walking in or out of church services both days. This time around it's all about the God vote and who's less of a sinner than the others.

I read an interesting observation the other day. The author said he didn't think in today's political climate that Ronald Reagan would survive to become the candidate of his party. I agree.

Ken Burns, filmmaker and resident of New Hampshire, has now publicly endorsed Barack Obama. His issue is typically liberal in thought. He has spoken out against the war in Iraq and now let's it guide his political endorsement. "I think this is a human being who knew in advance how unnecessary and foolish this war was," Burns said, adding that Obama knows how to distinguish between "fraudulent wars," and "those that really need to be fought." Maybe if PBS and its sponsors pay him to do a docudrama on the Iraq War, he'll do the research and come to a different conclusion.

Fraudulent war. Remember, to the liberal left wing of the aisle, freedom is only for the sophisticated westerners. Those people in the Middle East are not deserving or capable. Just turn a blind eye to a murderous dictator, millions dead, honor killings, rape as torture, torture rooms, all in the name of 'containment'. We'll not be concerned. Until 3,000 more of our brothers and sisters are killed in tall buildings or country fields. Because, you know, if we just ignore them, they'll go away.

Those supporting Hillary long for the good old 1990's. She and Bill ran the country and life was oh so good. Sure, if you were a Wall Street broker or cashing in on the tech bubble. We were a nation at war, we just didn't know it at the time. Bill was too scared to do anything of substance to counteract the attacks on our embassies or the first World Trade Building. He wanted to indict the terrorists. Put them on trial like common murderers.

And the 'fraudulent war', I assume is a reference to the CIA/FBI briefings and intelligence that turned out to be bad information? You can thank Jamie Gorelick/Janet Reno and their sponsor, Hillary Clinton, for that wall thrown up so that the two agencies couldn't collaborate. Not to mention all the career employees with their own agendas they've been allowed to push forever. Bill Clinton treated the FBI and the CIA as poorly as he treated the military.

The Hillary supporters turn a blind eye to the tactics of the Clintons. The tactics of Carville and Begala - trash any critics or girlfriends of the holier than thou Bill. Martyr Hillary. She's so strong. She's so smart. She's so accomplished. She's a snake. She hires a flunky to read through 1500 FBI files of Republicans. Without any legal entitlement to the records in the first place. She hires Betsy Wright to control the 'Bimbo eruptions' of her philandering husband. And she is a complete failure on the one public policy attempt she is assigned - health care. Remember she said she'd force it down the public's throat whether they wanted it or not? All the secret meetings?

Yeah, let's go back to those good old days. Let's see the papers from the Arkansas days and the White House days released so Hillary's work can be assessed. If she is to claim that for 35 years she has worked for the good of the country, for women and children, then let's see it. Put up or shut up already. The papers can be released at any time with the approval of Bill Clinton. A signature would do it.

And today is a story in the news that Hillary has bussed in, literally, a group of supporters who have known her for years. One was planted in an audience in Iowa who asked the question, "Are you a Christian?" She answered, yes. Turns out the woman planted in that audience was Hillary's former Sunday school teacher.

Next thing you know, she'll plant her mom in the audience to ask her if she's a good person.


Dionne said...

I know, the planting of the Sunday School teacher was beyond the pale, even for Hillary. There is nothing she wouldn't do to get power.

AC said...

I was rockin and rollin with this post, and could hear the clash of cymbals at the end - Another Really Really Good One! I wish I could add something pithy and insightful - let's see....

Did you read that Hil'ry said she had a *hard time* talking about herself? I almost fell off my chair when I saw that!

Boston Globe Article

Jennifer said...

Didn't the God vote go Repulican last time around?

The commercial with three generations of Rodham-Clintons tickle my gag reflex. Ugh.

Beverly said...

Thank you once again for keeping me up-to-date on what's going on. It's going to be a really long year.

Jolene said...

OMG is Ken Burns saying the Obama is psychic or something that caused him to vote against the war on terror? (eeeeeekkkk!!) These people are starting to try and pull rabbits out of hats and are getting .... pig slop?

Incognito said...

I can NOT WAIT until next December.. I'm so tired of it all and it's only just begun!

Fraudulent war... please.. I am so bored with that old tired argument.