Friday, December 12, 2008

Blair House Request Denied

For once, the Bush family has uttered the word 'no' in response to a request from the other team. The president-elect and his family requested permission to move into Blair House, the guest house across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, two weeks before January 15, the traditional day it is made available for the incoming presidents and their families.

The Obamas wanted to move in for the beginning of the new school semester for their daughters. School starts for them on January 15 at Sidwell Friends School. Malia is in fifth grade and Sasha is in second grade and they will be attending the pricey private school, just as Chelsea Clinton did when her father was sworn into the office.

Tonight on CNN, Anderson Cooper mocked the response from the Bushes. When the reporter noted that the Obama aide making the request for the family was told Blair House was unavailable due to previously scheduled events, Cooper said, "what events?" It was as though the current president and his family should just get the hell out of the way.

And, how many pillows would the family like, hmm?

I say, what made the Obamas think they were entitled to early occupation of the premises? Just the normal sense of entitlement from the privileged? I'm sure they will all be made comfortable elsewhere in the city. And their families, too.

The request was out of line and they knew it was. They just thought they'd ask and then it would be that mean Bush family in the press. What nonsense. Do you think the Obamas will make Blair House available two weeks before Jan. 15, 2012? You know, for the incoming Republican president and his or her family? Do you think the press will think it so awful?


Carol ReMarks said...

Hey there. I included you in today's 'Round The Reader post. I had no idea about the Blair House or what it even was before reading your blog. However, it doesn't surprise me to hear that Barry wants in now. Pffft.

Anonymous said...

And who does Andersen Cooper think he is - making statements like "what plans". Plans that are none of his damned business, that's what kind of plans.

The Obama's can afford a hotel or make other arrangements for 10 days. I'm sure the Clintons had to do that when Chelsea went to that school. Why should the Obama's get special treatment?

Oh wait, because he's the Messiah, right?!

Beverly said...

My, my.

Annie said...

Tripped on over here from...somewhere? Lovely blog, great snarky, truthful thoughts. I'll be back :)

Anonymous said...

Shows just how out of touch you are. He is the President-of-the United- States- Elect. The taxpayer cost to guard him outside of the White House zone will be high. Just another example of Bush-ie non-thinking and squandering taxpapyer dollars.