Thursday, December 04, 2008

You've Been a Bad Boy, Opie Taylor

There was a special screening Monday night of "Frost/Nixon" at the National Geographic Society headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. At the end, the film's producer, Ron Howard (Opie Taylor), along with playwright/screenwriter Peter Morgan and also the known Nixon-hating James Reston, Jr. (son of NYT columnist) took questions onstage. The moderator was historian and retired Boston University professor (liberal Ivy Leaguer) Robert Dallek. Good times for the audience chock full of D.C. progressives and liberals.

According to Jim Pinkerton, Howard was "Hollywood-ish" as he spoke of the making of the film and screen-testing various endings. He described Morgan as "arty and somewhat abstract" as he was more hostile to Frost and checkbook journalism. He then wrote of Reston's hatred of Nixon and the tie into the "metaphor for George W. Bush." That's right. The deranged even find a way to link President Bush with Richard Nixon. Bravo. Morons unite.

Freely enjoying the pleasures of rewriting history to fit their own political agenda, Howard and Dallek were completely comfortable with the tie made between the two men. And, it was cool with most of the audience. Dallek, the "historian" and "professor" was taken aback when their opinions masquerading for historical facts were questioned.

Fox New Sunday anchor, Chris Wallace, son of uber liberal 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace, rose and said, "To compare George W. Bush to Richard Nixon is to trivialize Nixon's crimes and is a disservice to Bush." He reminded all present that there have been no further attacks on our soil since 9/11 and "Richard Nixon's crimes were committed solely for his own political gain, whereas George W. Bush was trying to protect the American people."

Thank you, Chris Wallace.

While the fab four presiding over the event were relishing accusing President Bush of an "imperial presidency" and assorted abuses of power, a bit of reality was much needed. "You make suppositions on no facts whatsoever," Wallace concluded. "Do you read The New York Times?" Dallek countered." That from the professor and historian. And, by the way, perhaps the professor should look up the definition of "imperialism". Incredible. No wonder students graduate with no understanding of our country or its history. Much less the workings of the real world out there.

Poor Opie. After convincing Pa to do an Obama commercial for the cool kids on YouTube with him, now it appears Miss Crump would be mighty disappointed at his lack of knowledge from history class. Sounds like Opie needed an after school tutor. I bet Aunt Bea would have been available.


srp said...

Whatever will the liberals do after President Bush leaves DC.... who will they have to kick around? Oh, I expect they will continue for at least the next four years laying ALL the blame for EVERYTHING at Bush's feet. Funny, I never knew the office of President of the US was THAT powerful! Blaming Bush for everything is really denigrating to the average American..... it implies that we are nothing more than sheep without brains to control our own lives!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

"Do you read The New York Times?" Dallek countered."