Friday, December 19, 2008

Five Deadly Treats for Pets

Love your pets this holiday season. In today's Houston Chronicle there is a list of five big no-no's that you may think are treats but are not. They could result in death.

1. Raisins. Can cause kidney failure.
2. Macadamia nuts. Bad news for the doggies.
3. Chocolate. I think most people know this, but worth repeating. The darker the chocolate, the worse it is for your pet.
4. Yeast dough. Raw dough can rupture a pet's digestive system.
5. Artificial sweetener. Triggers an insulin release, leads to low sugar levels and liver failure.

Your four-legged family members depend on you. Let's be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

Great post, K, especially with all the extra snacks around the house during the holidays!

namaste said...

thanks for this post, karen. we have two doggies that we love dearly.

hope you are enjoying the christmas season!