Monday, December 22, 2008

Democrats are Sore Winners

Joe Biden has added a healthy dose of bitter to his usual predictable gaffes. He continues with the talking points that VP Dick Cheney has gone beyond his constitutional rights as the office holder. The problem comes in with the truth. Cheney hasn't, of course. Biden looks petty and should be above such ignorant banter on television interviews when the media person bates him into saying such things.

Biden has been on the the Senate Judicial Committee for 36 years, as was pointed out by Dick Cheney in an interview Sunday. Biden teaches Constitutional Law courses. Yet, he continues to misspeak on Article 1 and the powers of the Executive office versus the Legislative branch of the government. And, if memory serves, it was Joe Biden who was one of the first to berate Sarah Palin and her definition of the duties of the Vice President.

Biden is a study in bitter old men. It is clear that Barack Obama will not be using Biden for much in the scope of importance. Biden was chosen to negate the claims of Obama's lack of experience in foreign policy. Yet, Biden is shuffled off to work on 'working family' issues. Standard Democrat overreach. Remember when Al Gore was going to 'reinvent' government? Yeah. But, it's VP Cheney who is out of bounds.

Caroline Kennedy's cheerleader in interviews is her first cousin, Kerry Kennedy. Of all those Kennedy cousins, couldn't a better one be found? Kerry Kennedy is the ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General of the state of New York and former member of the Clinton administration. Son of Mario, he is also in pursuit of the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary. So, Kerry is in the bitter arena as well as Biden these days. Kerry is out there talking the Bush derangement points while puffing up Caroline. Kerry says Caroline has written books on the Constitution but she may want to ratchet that point back at bit. Even The New York Times was less than favorable about her book and its text. Oh yeah, Kerry mentioned that Caroline had worked on issues with the Senate since she was 16 years old. Really? In what capacity? As an intern?

Most importantly, Kerry says Caroline should be appointed to the Senate because she's a woman. Great. Back to the old meme. Also a point of contention by the far left during the last election - Sarah Palin was put on the ticket only because she is a woman in politics.

The Democrats have proven to be sore winners. Spare us the leftover hostilities and walk the walk the candidate of president they supported proclaimed - a fresh start in a bi-partisan way. Didn't they get the memo?

Maybe if it was made into a three word chant.

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Anonymous said...

Kerry Kennedy is the ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo

And therein lies the reason why Kerry Kennedy is the choice to speak for Caroline. Andrew Cuomo is also under consideration for the Senate Seat in NY - who better to go public with a different endorsement, than his ex-wife.

Caroline Kennedy has shunned public life all these years; the only reason why she wants that Seat is because is has become one of Obama's loyal minions.

Adoring hordes.