Friday, December 19, 2008

Caroline for U.S. Senate

What does Caroline Kennedy want for Christmas? A U.S. Senate seat would be nice, Santa. She's told Santa (Gov. Paterson) that she is throwing herself into the mix for those pursuing Hillary Clinton's vacant slot.

Caroline Kennedy seems to be a fine person. She lives a mostly quiet life and has only in recent years emerged with a stronger public persona. She serves on the board of the NY Ballet and she works for public school reform in NYC. Her children, however, attend private schools. And, on her latest tax forms, she signs off that she works only about 2 hours a week on this project.

Public records show Kennedy is not a consistent voter, either. She has a less than 50% voting record, especially in primaries when the candidate is actually chosen.

Kennedy sites her experience as a mother, a law school graduate, an author of a book about the Constitution and personal rights, and her Kennedy bloodline. Let's not kid ourselves here. It's the Kennedy bloodline that is her real qualification.

The problem with Caroline Kennedy's entry into this fray is not her qualifications, it is her bloodline. She campaigned for the candidate of 'change' and doing away with business as usual in Washington - Barack Obama - yet she wants to pursue a seat in the U.S. Senate on the basis of her last name. Maybe she has heard once too many times that Democrats consider the Kennedy clan to be American royalty.

Americans squawked about the 'dynasty' building of family names like Bush and Clinton in recent years. How about what is going on now? What about Joe Biden reserving his Senate seat for his son Beau, now deployed in military service from the Reserves, by supporting a candidate who agrees to not run for the seat when the term expires? How about Ted Kennedy making known his choice of successor to his seat, his wife Victoria?

And, what was the experience cited for Hillary's run for the Senate seat? Her marriage to Bill Clinton, which made her First Lady. He humiliated her publicly so she was due the seat as payback for remaining loyal.

And, they said Sarah Palin wasn't qualified for VP.

Yesterday Caroline Kennedy bowed to the altar of Rev. Al Sharpton. After their lunch together - at Sylvia's, the famed soul food restaurant - Rev. Al said she'd make a fine senator. He didn't, however, mention that they share a PR firm as clients. And, he didn't react to her faux pas that she calls herself a "Clinton" Democrat.

Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. She shucked the previous history the Kennedy clan had with the Clintons and publicly campaigned for Barack Obama, with the weight of Teddy (the swimmer) along for the ride. She encouraged the facade of a new age of the return of Camelot. She seems to think Camelot really existed, too.

Caroline Kennedy said she looked into supporting Barack Obama after her children told her she should support him. Charming story, right? Most adults, however, would tell you that the parent is the wiser one of the family.

The Obama administration continues to provide ironic circumstances. First, Bill Richardson, after betraying the Clintons who launched his national political career, begged to be Sec of State and the job goes to Hillary Clinton. Priceless. Then Obama keeps on the Secretary of Defense who is the decision maker on a war Obama was so proud to oppose when he wasn't a voting voice in it. Obama has to look rational and centrist. Then Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary's senate seat because she's a Kennedy and it's her entitlement. It's all too good.

The job is hers if she continues in the pursuit. The governor of New York will not dare deny her. The real losers in this vanity appointment are the politicians who have done their jobs and been public servants the old fashioned way all these years. They earned the votes of the people they represent.

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