Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Austen Goolsbee Re-Writes History

"Taking over the White House doesn't come with a magic pen to rewrite history." That is a quote from former White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino in response to recent remarks by Obama advisor Austan Goolsbee. Goolsbee stated that the Bush administration "kicked the can down the road"

Perino responded to Goolsbee's history re-write in Politico's "The Arena" and it is good she did. For too long, the media simply encourages the spin from this White House and how terribly put upon it is by the acts of the previous administration. Since when did taking the reins of power in our country be assumed to be anything other than the most difficult job in the world? The constant finger pointing and whining of "inherited" problems is growing quite old. The President and his administration sound juvenile and petty. They should all at least attempt to show the same respect for the previous administration as was shown to the one before that by them.

Even at the time of the original emergency loans to the automakers, news agencies reported that it was a necessary step to avoid total collapse of the industry and all the ripple effects of that choice. The current administration has simply used the automakers failures as a reason to take it over and allow major payback to the unions that brought them into power. How very convenient.

The emerging problem for the Obama administration is, while certainly not much or quickly enough, the media is slowly awakening to the disgracefully one-sided coverage of it all. It is to be expected, of course, as they have so much to lose as the public notices. During the campaign it became obvious at an early date that the media covering Obama that they were all in. No holds. Obama could do no wrong and he was the best person ever to run for the office. Now they have to live with the consequences and there is simply no saving face for them.

Phil Bronstein, San Francisco Chronicle, wrote recently about this. He wrote of his observation that during the German stop on Obama's recent overseas trip, as soon as Obama told reporters to stop asking about his trip agenda, they did. Simple as that. They are a very obedient group. And so very unprofessional.

President and Mrs. Obama took a Saturday night "date night" to NYC and the press swooned. How romantic. Dinner and a play on Broadway. The Mrs. wanted it. Quite an expensive date, especially when there's a big ole recession going on out here in every person land.

It does point to the arrogance of this first couple at times. Do as I say, not as I do. They seem to be tone deaf. Michelle Obama wears a white dress to the somber ceremony at Normandy. No one blinks an eye - she's a fashion trend maker! Carla Bruni had on an off white dress but wore a black jacket over it. Michelle Obama stuck out like a sore thumb. Was it on purpose? Or does she simply not know that black or a dark neutral color outfit was appropriate? Does she wear white to funerals, too? Not one word from the fashionistas who previously were quick to critique every outfit worn by other First Ladies.

Obama is known to keep the Oval Office at 72 degrees as he demands Americans conserve energy. He continues in campaign mode as he instructs his staff to arrange one out of town event per week, preferably with a town hall component.

Let's remember it was the Democrats who demanded the auto industry be bailed out. Let's remember that Republicans offering the out of bankruptcy as a better solution were shouted down as uncaring, union hating Neanderthals. Turns out, leaders like Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) were correct and GM is now in bankruptcy just as Chrysler was before them. All of that taxpayer bailout money and the result was still bankruptcy. It is Obama's auto industry now.

Keith Hennessey provides a timeline of the auto rescue in The Wall Street Journal, Saturday June 6 edition. Clearly, the Obama administration continues in re-writing history for their own benefit.


srp said...

Now, the Supreme Court has folded... it has allowed unions and the federal government to take the investments of secured creditors of Chrysler and leave them out in the cold. Obama is systematically destroying the Constitution... now, if the "King" and his "Czars" want they can take our property and illegally preclude secured creditors from being first in line to recover their loses after a bankruptcy... even though that is the law. Soon the "Czars" will control the pay of CEO's not only those who took the money or had it shoved down their throats.. but also any CEO. Of course they say... no, no.. that won't happen. Don't blink.. it will.

This rush headlong into nationalization is starting to really frighten free market economists... but I fear it is too late already. What can we do?

Yesterday, I saw a small glimmer of hope. There was a three way Democratic primary for governor in VA. Terry McCaullife, former head of the DNC was running against two other men... he had a major lead in the polls and outspent his opponents by bucketloads. He had the Obama network working for him... I think someone called on his behalf at least two times a day, every day for the last two months. Enough printed mail propaganda from him to have cost a few dozen trees their lives.

Even the Republican party encouraged their members to vote for Terry McCaullife.. their thought is that he was the least likely to be elected.

But, one candidate.. Craig Deeds is a conservative Democrat.. he started out way behind but as the weeks went by his message gained momentum. I never received a call from his campaign or literature... just ads on tv and signs along the roadside.

Last night... Craig Deeds received 40% of the vote.. as his two opponents languished with 20% of the vote. So, has someone with conservative leanings been positioned to give the Republican candidate a hard election in 2010... perhaps. But, if the crazy people in NOVA come out and vote for the Democratic candidate... and he should win.. I would rather he have conservative leanings than flat out crazy liberal ones.

And, Deeds won the primary without a vote from this Republican. Even though I could have voted in the Democratic primary.. I just don't think that sort of thing is right...

I do hope this Aleve kicks in soon.

Z said...

Did you know Michelle also took a pricey little jaunt to London after paris!? To say nothing of the fact that she didn't (couldn't?) accompany him AGAIN to the Arab country but met him in Europe...on her own plane again$$$$ And she couldn't come home on his plane Sunday and save that money, she needed to come home a day later. They dissed the Sarkozy's for dinner but then went to lunch with the children to Elysee Palace after DAD had gone home$$
Odd the media didn't cover the London trip least I hadn't heard a thing, had you? But, you can Google it.
They make it sound like SUCH FUN "Fish and Chips and HARRY POTTER" Isn't that WONDERFUL$$$?? On US.

srp is right...there's some real hope with Terry McAWFUL going down....Corzine's down 10 pts too...

something's up, folks. we can only pray!!