Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fact Checks About Kay B Hutchison

In recent days, several newspaper articles have appeared that show a deliberate slant towards Governor Perry as he seeks an historic third term in that office. Some facts seem to be missing from some articles written about Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Perry's primary opponent.

In an article by Todd Gillman for the Dallas Morning News, it was written that "in 1976, the senator and her husband backed President Gerald Ford against challenger and future President Ronald Reagan. Primary voters punished Ray Hutchison two years later when he lost a run for governor. Here are some facts conveniently omitted: Senator Hutchison was then a member of the Ford administration. She was supporting her boss. Ray Hutchison was Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. And, four years later, Kay Bailey Hutchison was Chairwoman of Texas Women Leadership and a strong Reagan supporter.

Interesting tidbit - In 1984, Rick Perry was elected as a Democrat to the Texas legislature and in 1988, he served as the State Chairman for a Democrat U.S. Senator in the Primary Election during an unsuccessful bid for President.

Also from Todd Gillman, Senator Hutchison said that if she were governor instead of Gov Perry now, there would be no need to call a special session to Austin. "Because I would be hands-on, working hard through the session and I would be working with the Legislature, which is what I think the governor should do."

Recently, Minnesota Gov Tim Pawlenty said that three terms is too many for a governor. He is not seeking his third term. "I've talked to a lot of governors that have served three terms without naming names, I think in their quiet or private moments, confidentially, they'd say you know it wasn't their best effort that last term." A piece by Wayne Slater in The Dallas Morning News runs that quote.

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