Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama Golfs While Iranians Wait

President Obama is playing golf today instead of commenting on the Iranian election travesty. Imagine if former President Bush did something like that. He quit playing golf in 2003 after the diplomat from the U.N. was killed in a terror attack. Anyone remember that he said it didn't look right for him to be out on the golf course as so many troubles brewed in the world?

Seems to me that candidate Obama told us several times a day that the United States had gone to hell in a hand basket under the watch of George W. Bush. He told us that it was the worst economy since the Great Depression, some of his wing nuts even tried to say things were WORSE than the Great Depression until that was squashed for the lunacy it was. So, why so carefree, Barack? Or, is it just ok if a liberal Democrat does it?

It would be nice if President Obama could issue a statement or a video, personally, on his thoughts of the Iranian election process. He makes videos daily, it seems, for mass distribution around the world on all kinds of subjects, mostly about how he is solving the problems of the United States and how he needs the cooperation of everyone to do so. Then he calls leaders from only one party into the White House to solve the problems of health care, of instance, but never mind that.

In 2005, as the emerging theme of a public outcry for freedom was in the forefront, then President George W. Bush said, "And to the Iranian you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." More than 24 hours after the sham results, Obama remains silent.

This is the problem with liberal naivete: Obama went out on the far left limb of the tree as he campaigned for President. He said he would meet with Iranian officials without preconditions. Period. So, what is the incentive to alter behavior? Instead of group hugs and soothing talk, some leadership is now needed. At the very least, he should be going directly to the Iranian people and offering support. He goes directly to the U.S. people daily. Or, is it that there are no votes from Iranians?

The candidate of Hope and Change is more of the same. The deficit is on steroids. He continues the Bush Doctrine on the war on terror. The 'most transparent administration ever' fails to post legislation on the web site for 5 days of viewing before signing as he promised. And, he polls like no other White House has done. I suppose that is the change he meant.

Also, the goodies are going to the big dollar supporters. More ambassadors have been announced: Howard Gutman is going to be U.S. envoy to Belgium; former Va Lt. Gov. Donald Beyer will be ambassador to Switzerland and Luxenbourg; Vinai Thummalapally, a Colorado businessman will be going to Belize and Mark Gitenstein, another Washington lawyer, will go to Romania. Is this too much change for you?

My blog friend, Maria, has a terrific post that you should read. You can find it here. She can tell you about the hypocrisy of the liberals.


srp said...

I am disgusted and saddened by the gullibility of the American people... I fear we will get what a slim majority said they wanted... but will be sorely disappointed with the outcome. Unfortunately, the smooth words of Obama mask a total lack of concern for anyone but Obama himself. He is in permanent campaign mode... has been since his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Yet, no one recognizes.

We are no longer the people of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Patrick Henry. We are no longer the people of "Give me liberty or give me death"... now we are or at least a 51% majority are people who say simply... "Give me everything" to their federal government.

Ryan David Hall said...

Bush never quit playing golf! LOL
He was seen playing golf a few months later ... as if he cares!