Monday, June 08, 2009

Obama Appoints Big Dollar Friends to Posts

The candidate of hope and change, the one who wasn't going to conduct business as usual has been exposed for anything but the change his supporters bought into without doing any real research into the background of the candidate. Now safely tucked into the White House, President Obama does what all presidents have done in the past - he is rewarding his big dollar donors with ambassadorships.

Two recently rewarded are Nicole Avant, from the music industry who will be enjoying her post in the Bahamas and Charles Rivkin, CEO of Wild Brain who is off to France.

As background, from an article in the LA Times, Avant is a former Clinton supporter, via the family ties, but broke for Obama. Rivkin, formerly head of Jim Henson productions, is the son of JFK's ambassador to Luxembourg and LBJ's representative to Senegal and Gambia. So, that would be a legacy appointment, right?

Also from the LA Times, mention is made of the appointment of former Iowa Rep. Jim Leach as the new chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Obama people would like to make hay over the fact that Leach is a Republican but the fact is, he was an Obama supporter during the campaign and spoke at the Democratic national Convention in Denver. He is described as the Obama answer to the GOP support from Senator Joe Lieberman. Leach didn't receive much attention at the Convention by the attendees.

Barack Obama has never had the history of being a politician who truly does business in any other fashion than the status quo. He makes lovely speeches proclaiming differently and those inclined to buy into it will disagree, but the facts are the facts.


srp said...

I expected no less.
Today is primary day in Virginia.
For the Democrats... I don't know if this is an open primary. It is hard to know if it would be better to have one of the two most liberal Dems going up against the Republican candidate or to have the conservative Dem run against him, in case he should win.

Karen Townsend said...

I'll be curious about the outcome.