Thursday, June 18, 2009

GOProud Issues Statement on Presidential Memo

Yesterday President Obama tossed a bone to the gay electorate and issued a "memorandum" concerning benefits for gay federal employees. These benefits, however, do not include health care or retirement.

This is seen as "a total sham" by GOProud, "the only national gay conservative group", according to Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director. He believes it is meant to appease the gay community in light of President Obama's refusal to honor campaign promises - to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell and also the Defense of Marriage Act.

Also, reports have surfaced about the difficulty the Democratic Party is having raising money, even when Obama is the headliner. For a fundraiser later this month, mention has been made that tables purchased by LGBT groups have been cancelled. This is in response to the gay community's disappointment in Obama so far.

Obama claims to support Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009, as it works through the House and Senate. According to the press release by GOProud:

"It is time that President Obama be held accountable for the promises he made as candidate Obama - and no political slight of hand, not even one that includes a flashy Oval Office signing, should be accepted as a substitute for real action."

You can join with GOProud as they represent gay conservatives and their allies on Facebook and follow on Twitter. The web site is :

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