Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Battleground Texas Comes to Houston

As I have written about in previous posts, Battleground Texas is organizing around the state in hopes of bringing back the bad old days of a Democratically controlled government.  They hope that Texas goes back to the hands of the Democrats so that the party can also put Texas in the blue state column in presidential elections. 

The small core of organizers for this group have been busy networking and getting settled all around the state.  In Lubbock, in Waco, in Tarrant County, in Dallas , in El Paso,  and in McAllen all since the big kick-off event in Austin on March 8.  Trips on the agenda include Brownsville and Houston.

Below is a text message reminder of the meeting Saturday at the IBEW Hall.

They are here, Harris County Republicans. They are financed. They are organized and passing out all the goodies to garner attention - baseball caps, t-shirts, bumper stickers.  These are former Obama people who have those campaign successes under their belts.  

Frankly, we can not count on those at the Harris County Republican Party headquarters for push back. This group's efforts have to be taken seriously and squashed - or at least countered - immediately.  

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