Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Battleground Texas Concentrates on Grassroots Training

This was the update last week from Battleground Texas Facebook page:

Today we were in Dallas and Austin training our grassroots supporters to register new voters. Over 100 people turned out -- and we've trained 400 folks this week alone.
After becoming deputized, these activists will be able to register voters on their communities. It's neighbor to neighbor organizing at its finest!
We have trainings planned all across the state -- where would you like to attend a Battleground Texas training? 

This week here is an email update, used to raise funds:

Can you feel the tide turning? Republicans are on the ropes and Democrats are ready to fight back.
We’ve seen the scare tactics from Governor Perry and Attorney General Abbott -- you better believe they are building a team to counter our efforts.
We can’t afford to kick the can down the road. We must start building the foundation today.Your contribution of $25, $50 or what you can will go toward hiring organizers, opening offices and training volunteers in your communities. 
Last week we launched our program to get volunteers trained to be able to register voters in their counties. In just that one week, over 500 volunteers were trained -- and we're just getting started. Your support allows us to cover more ground and close the gap.
The stakes have never been higher -- we must start now. Say you’re ready to join us, donate to Battleground Texas today. 
Thanks for all you do,Jenn

If you have not read my friend Ed's piece over at Big Jolly Politics then head right on over there. He has masterfully told the history of Team Obama's Chicagoization of the Democratic Party and how they are using their system to turn Texas into a battleground state.  If successful, it will be a very long time until Republicans win a national election.

On April 13, this claim was on their website: 78 days. In just 78 days our grassroots supporters have blown past the Texas GOP on Facebook. Just this morning we tipped the scales at 21,566. And we're not done yet. 

As of today, the number of "likes" on Facebook for the Republican Party of Texas is 21,627. So, yes, Battleground Texas is exaggerating a bit to gin up the base and maintain enthusiasm. However, this group and its efforts have to be taken seriously.  Republicans in Texas have to be playing offense, not defense.  We are a red state and we have to defend that distinction.  

Don't wait for the state party to organize and counter Battleground Texas.  Get yourself to local meetings - whether that is a local GOP club meeting or a county party meeting.  Demand that the local party fills the positions that are open at the precinct chair level.  Form groups of like minded citizens and get out into the community.  Go to gatherings.  Talk to everyone, not just those you already know.  Smile.  

Team Obama has moved into Texas and they are not going away.  


This news broke Thursday morning, further proof of the molding of news and politics through the current administration:

David Plouffe, the architect of President Obama’s 2008 victory and top aide during last year’s election, is joining Bloomberg Television as both a contributor and adviser.Plouffe will weigh in on politics, business and technology on Bloomberg TV. But he also will be helping the network out behind the scenes. 

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