Monday, April 22, 2013

TFRW Website Wins National Award

Want to see what an award winning website looks like as created by a political group of Republican women in Texas?  The website for Texas Federation of Republican Women has earned a national award. Go HERE :

This is what makes the website so good:

Specifically, several aspects of the home page contribute to making the Texas Federation’s website worthy of recognition as a Winning Web and can serve as examples to others:
  • The background for the logo-banner at the top of the page is monochromatic, which helps highlight the name of the group in a contrasting color.  By judicious use of shading, the images provide visual interest but do not overwhelm the TFRW logo itself
  • The logo-banner, at the top of the pages in the website, includes the place for members to login to their secure portion of the website and it includes a search function for the website.  By including these two important features in the logo-banner, visitors to the website will always have quick access to them without having to return to a previous page.
  • In addition to the horizontal navigation links visible on each of the pages, the home page also includes a special, vertical set of links to the most visited pages.  The easier it is for website visitors to find what they are seeking, the more they will value the website and use it as resource.
  • The Texas Federation has combined rotating images of elected Republican women and iconic and recognizable scenes of Texas (such as the Alamo), with the powerful message that each of these women is a Republican Woman.   Photos of members is always more desirable than stock photos, of unidentified women, purchased on the internet.  By incorporating well known Texas landmarks, the TFRW is reinforcing their identity and their obvious pride in their state.
  • The inspirational message “Focus on the Outcome – Imagine Our Impact” which is directly below the horizontal navigation links, is noticeable because of the size and typeface used.  Use of too many different typefaces is discouraged because it disrupts the cohesive identify of a website.  In this instance, however, the Texas Federation uses this non-normal typeface in a limited number of instances to draw attention to an important point being made by the Federation president.
  • The body of the website page is divided into three columns.  The first one contains the Donate button, which leads to a page that facilitates on-line donations.  This column also includes links to help website visitors Get Involved, read about important News, and review their Mission.  Columns two and three provide space for short articles and the message from the President, with links to additional information.  Because of the exceptional job the TFRW has done, a casual visitor to the website could learn a great deal about the federation by reading and following the links provided on just the home page.
Congrats to TFRW on this recognition.

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