Sunday, April 28, 2013

Battleground Texas Training Supporters to Register Voters

The disarray contained within the Republican Party is, frankly speaking, depressing.  I've written about recent examples of why my party will continue to lose in the very county in which I reside. From the national level with  Republican Party Chairman Prebius appointing mid-level Hispanic and Asian-American young Republican men (not women) to be focused in "outreach" to their respective communities, to the state level with spokespeople like RNC committeeman Robin Armstrong who has a real problem with gay Americans, to the Harris County Republican Party leadership and its own style of corruption.  All, by the way, are playing the role of ostriches very well.  Just move along, they say, there is no problem here.

The last few days brought to light some real problems in the Vacancy Committee of the Harris County Republican Party.  The purity test that is shrinking our party locally, not growing it, is exposed in very personal terms by a young man who went through the application process to be his precinct's chairman, only to be humiliated by those in charge.

So, I will continue on with my updates of the activities of Battleground Texas and keep talking about them until some real work is done by Republicans.  All politics is local, as the expression goes, and I will remain committed to spreading the word.  Knowledge is power.

This came to my inbox in Friday's email.  Are you signed up to receive their email? How about 'friending" them on Facebook? That is how you keep current on their activities in a very basic way.

Texas has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the country. 48th. Together, we can do better. We know that when we bring more folks into the political process, Democrats win. This is where you come in.
Registering your fellow Texans to vote is one the easiest and most important ways you can get involved. All you have to do is attend a quick training in your county and you're set -- through 2014! 
Battleground Texas is going around the state hosting trainings and empowering our volunteers to take the next step and get deputized. Can we count you in? There are trainings going on in your area now. Sign up for one today. Don't see one in your area? You can volunteer to host a training.
See you out there,
Alex Steele, Field Director
P.S. Already deputized? Check out to claim your free deputy badge.

I checked out the link to finding a training location myself.  Using your zip code, the page brings up places and times on their calendar within a set mileage radius.  Using the option of 50 miles from my zip code here on the west side of Houston, a map and a list of  ten events popped up.  From now into May, there are ten events organized from my zip code to Galveston, to Brazoria county, to Fort Bend county, and throughout Houston.  Go on. Check it out by plugging your zip code into the space and see what comes up.

This group has money.  The financing comes from Washington, D.C. as well as here in Texas.  The people running these events are former Obama campaign people, all with records of success.  They are young.  They are enthusiastic.  They give out little goodies for information - bumper stickers for email addresses of your friends who may be interested, therefore ending up on their email lists.  Baseball style caps with their logo on it for event attendee.  And, now, "deputy badges" for attending training to register voters.

Harris County has turned blue for the last two election cycles. In 2012, Barack Obama won, as he did in 2008.  John Kerry won in 2004.  With Houston continuing on with its success as the largest city in the most successful state, people have flocked here for jobs, education and opportunity.  Many are from California.  The population of Harris County has shifted in voter profile and yet, the local Republican party continues to coast on past successes.

I am disgusted by some of the talk I have heard recently.  "I don't care if we lose" is a common statement among some sections of the local party who refuse to grow out of the rigid purity tests.  Though they are the first to quote a Bible verse or Ronald Reagan as verification of their narrow vision, they fail to realize that a political party is not a religious organization and that Reagan said that if someone agreed with him 80% of the time, that person was his ally.  Jesus doesn't care about American politics and Reagan was a common sense, reasonable politician.

It is imperative that Republicans in Harris County be on the offense - not the defense - as this new group settles into Texas and organizes for future success.

What are you doing to help?

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