Friday, August 20, 2010

Ann Coulter and Free Speech

The kerfuffle between Ann Coulter and Human Events is the nasty side of those who label themselves as conservative. Ann Coulter confirms that Joseph Farah, editor for WorldNetDaily disinvited her to speak for as part of his upcoming event. The reason? Coulter has accepted an invitation to speak at Homocon 2010.

A spokesman for WorldNetDaily (WND) said there was no place for conservatives to work with groups that focuses on issues like gay rights.

“Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud,” said WND Chief Executive Office
Joseph Farah. “The drift of the conservative movement to a brand of materialistic libertarianism is one of the main reasons we planned this conference from the beginning.”

Find out more about Homocon 2010 and GOProud here.

Do you know why an event like Homocon 2010 is needed? The event is needed because of the folks on the right who think as Farah does. And, in today's world, that thinking is unacceptable. Is it really breaking news that homosexuals are human beings, too? Perhaps Farah didn't read the part in The Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.

It serves no purpose to assume that accepting an invitation to speak is an endorsement of all ideas presented by any group. It is small-minded and doesn't invite others to listen to your message.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The fact that Farah wishes to deny Ms. Coulter's right to free speech - to deliver a speech to a group with whom he may disagree - is unacceptable. Add to that the assertion by Ms. Coulter that it is for publicity and the insult worsens.

As Matt Larimer writes in The Daily Beast, Coulter has carefully cultivated her public persona and in private is a genuine and good person. He speaks of his personal intersection with her as a young, newly adult human arriving in Washington, D.C. and going to work there.

In response to the publicity, Log Cabin Republicans weighed in:
A spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group that condemned Ann Coulter after she called then-presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot” in 2007, said they welcome her and any conservatives who are striving for increased inclusion of the gay community.

“If she can help other conservatives turn the corner on equality for gays and lesbian Americans … then more power to her,” said R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans.

About Coulter’s comments three years ago: “People are allowed to evolve. If Ann Coulter is going to be another conservative voice among a growing chorus of conservative voices advocating for equality, that is welcome.”

"Both groups said that while they are encouraged that Coulter has agreed to speak, they are still awaiting whether Coulter will express her support for issues like gay marriage at the GOProud event. When asked about the content in Coulter’s talk, LaSalvia merely replied, “Our folks are going to be very pleased with what she has to say.”

In an update to the article in The Daily Caller:
GOProud Board Chairman Christopher R. Barron issued this statement Wednesday morning: “We did not invite Ann Coulter to speak at Homocon 2010 because we believe she has ‘evolved.’ Quite the contrary, we invited Ann Coulter because of who she is, who she has been, and who we know she will continue to be – the smartest, funniest, most provocative conservative author and columnist around.

“If anyone needs to evolve, it’s the uber-PC gay left and their enablers not Ann Coulter.”

Enjoy her columns and agree with her opinions or not, the fact is that Coulter is one smart cookie. The continued focusing on social issues over economic issues is not truly conservative. The exalted leaders of the conservative movement - William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would not be acceptable to the far right fringe of the Republican party. Unfortunately, it is this fringe that continues to receive publicity.

This is the time to promote solid, common sense answers to our sagging economy and encourage those who agree to join in with us to vote Republican in November. Farah should be more concerned about "taking back" America to solid economic footing and world leadership.

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