Monday, August 02, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Gets Married

A blog post tells the tale of the author's wife's anger towards the Chelsea Clinton wedding. Several points are made that spotlight liberal hypocrisy. Nothing new, if you ask me.

Much was made about the amount of money guesstimated that the wedding cost the former president. Was it $3 million? $5 million? Who cares? It is Clinton money to spend. Chelsea is the only child of wealthy parents. They spoil her. Is this breaking news? Hardly. Chelsea is, by all accounts, a level-headed, mature grown-up young woman. Let her have her day.

Comparisons are made with the Jenna Bush wedding. Jenna chose to be married on the Crawford ranch and by all accounts, it was a low keyed event, per Jenna's wishes. No surprise there, either.

What is interesting is the recognition that surfaces on the acquisition of wealth. Clinton 'earned' his fortune from a lifetime career as a public servant. There is something fundamentally wrong in our political system that allows a politician to become personally wealthy. Bill Clinton will be a wealthy man the rest of his life because of his ability to win elections. He was never in the private sector. Now he reaps the benefits as a former president, a former public servant. His presidential library and charitable work will provide him with the funds to lead a very comfortable life. Plus, he has the bonus of a high profile wife and her career, thanks to his former life. It all worked out quite nicely for them.

Recognition of the hypocrisy within the liberal community on the green movement is there, too. The ranch in Crawford is noted for its environmentally friendly design and maintenance. Clinton's VP Al Gore is the head hypocrite in the green movement. Not only has he made millions on phony climate change propaganda and even received a Nobel Peace prize for it, he is the owner of multiple properties without being environmentally friendly. Do as he says, not as he does, you little people.

In the end, a basic logic is needed. It was the Clinton's money to spend. They earned it and they are entitled to spend it as they see fit. Grousing about the amount or trying to dictate how someone else spends money is what liberals do, not Republicans.

Best of luck to the newlyweds. They'll need it.

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