Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tx Attorney General Abbott Files Suit Over Moratorium

Despite the reasoning of the office of Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar that the offshore oil drilling ban is "simply common sense", Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a lawsuit against the Obama oil drilling moratorium Thursday. The issue is whether the Obama administration overstepped its boundary in the relationship of the federal government in relationship to the State of Texas, as a Gulf coast state.

"Affected states are guaranteed the right to participate in offshore drilling-related policy decisions, but the Obama administration did not bother to communicate, coordinate or cooperate with Texas," Abbott said Wednesday. "Worse, the secretary of the interior failed to consider the economic consequences of his decision."

Abbott contends the Obama administration didn't live up it the requirement of consulting with the state before enacting the drastic measure of halting deep water oil drilling. In The Wall Street Journal we learn the targets in the law suit: Filed on behalf of Texas, the legal action names the U.S. Department of Interior and its secretary, Kenneth Salazar; the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement and its director, Michael Bromwich, as defendants.

More power grabbing by the Obama administration, violating states rights under the Constitution.

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