Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama's Faux Gulf Swim and the Ramadan Dinner

Why does President Obama have the need to flagrantly re-write American history or his part in it? Two examples have presented themselves today.

From the President's speech marking the dinner acknowledging Ramadan:

Tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity. And Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan—making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.

As talk show host Michael Medved points out, the re-writing of history is rampant in speeches delivered by this President. Tunisia, as is referred to in this speech, was not even a country at the time. And, as for the marking of Ramadan, this is pure fiction. The dinner was traditional for a visiting ambassador, not for the Muslim holy days. Also, no mention was made of the ambassador's request of President Jefferson - to provide concubines. Wonder why that was deleted from the description? Jefferson referred him to his Secretary of State on the concubine request.

Also, there is a brief reference to the Obama family vacation at the northwest corner of Florida over the weekend. A mere 27 hours of fun in the sun was all the President could devote to promoting tourism along the Gulf coast, so severely crippled due to the oil spill. He announced he would be swimming in the Gulf to prove his confidence in the safety of doing so.

With only one White House photographer allowed to tag along, Obama and daughter Sasha were snapped smiling in the water. This article shows the fakery at play as the President and his young daughter are photographed frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico.

A bit of information about St. Andrews Bay: Unique among Florida estuaries, St. Andrews Bay lacks input from any major river system, but does receive freshwater from numerous creeks, bayous and wastewater treatment plants. The restricted amount of freshwater allows the influence of Gulf of Mexico water to dominate the bay. Connection with the Gulf is via two passes on the eastern and western ends of Shell Island.

Perhaps a bit too nitpicky, true, but it is the description of the Bay. The Bay is not the Gulf. If Obama had been honest and transparent, as he pledged to be as President, he would have either taken a dip in the actual Gulf of Mexico or said he was in a bay.

There is also this question: Why Florida? That state was least affected by the oil spill. Why not the coast of Mississippi or Alabama, also known as beach vacation destinations and harder hit? Is Obama again favoring states based on his own political agenda? Just something to ponder.

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