Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harry Reid's Racist Hispanic Remarks

"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK," Reid said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"Do I need to say more?" he asked.

Well, yes you do need to say more, Senator Reid.

Yet another oafish remark from the Senate Majority Leader. Whether it is declaring the Iraq war lost in 2007 from the floor of the Senate, or to speak of candidate Obama as "articulate", or now with this latest racist remark, it is laughable when the GOP hears disparaging remarks towards us by Reid. The man is a foolish, old, out of touch Democrat in Washington, D.C. His sons are successful lobbyists in D.C. and is all goes well, soon he can join them. He is in the battle of his political life and he is flailing.

Reid spoke to a Hispanic audience in Las Vegas. In his own racist mind, he equates Republican opposition to comprehensive immigration reform put before securing the borders as the GOP hates brown people. Or any color of skin other than white. How quaint and wrong. Democrats falling back on the old race card. Not very dignified for the leader of the Senate.

Reid blames the GOP for blocking legislation, while anyone with the ability to count can tell him that Democrats don't need Republican votes. They proved that in the health care reform legislation along with other major spending bills. It is simply easier to point a finger of accusation rather than actually work with the other party.

More from Politico:

“Immigration is nothing new,” Reid said. “My wife's father was an immigrant from Russia…He and his family were driven out of Russia. They came for the peace and quiet and safety of the United States.”

Linking past groups of immigrants to Hispanics that have come to the United States via the southern border, Reid said that just “because the wave of immigrants we have now — their skin's a tone darker than ours — doesn't make it any different.”

Did his wife's father come here illegally? Or, did he come here legally? Does Reid know the difference in the two paths into our country? Harry Reid is a dishonest man. He knows that the GOP opposition is to ILLEGAL immigration, not to immigration itself. Everyone has a story of family immigration story, unless the family is Native American. These stories are why we are the greatest, most free country on earth. We celebrate diversity. We do not, however, celebrate criminal acts. Illegal immigration is an illegal act from the beginning. Our nation's social services are overburdened and hard working taxpayers - if they are employed in today's economic climate - are at the boiling point.

Actually, the Republican party is a natural fit for the Hispanic voter. We are the party of low taxes, less government involvement in business and national security. Hispanic immigrants are small business owners. Hispanic families have conservative values of hard work and not depending on the government to support their families.

From Politico a quote from GOP Senate candidate from Florida, a first generation Cuban American, Marco Rubio:
“The reason why Americans of Hispanic descent should be Republicans is that the Democratic leadership is trying to dismantle the American free enterprise system, the only system in the world where parents like mine who work hard and play by the rules can give their children the opportunities they themselves did not have,” he said.

And this:
Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, also took a shot at Reid, writing in a statement to POLITICO that the Nevada Democrat's comments were "extremely condescending and are insulting to all Latinos."

"Hispanic voters don't have a 'herd mentality,'" said Aguilar. "They have shown that their vote cannot be taken for granted by any party and that they will support candidates who will defend the principles they believe in — the sanctity of the family, the dignity of the human person, hard work and entrepreneurship, among others. We're tired of politicians like Mr. Reid who expect our ‘minority’ vote, but don't respect us or our values."

What old Democrats like Reid do is called projection. He has these racist thoughts of his own and assumes everyone else does, too. He assumes Hispanic voters will do as black Americans do and vote as a block for Democrats. He will be proved wrong. The sooner, the better.

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