Friday, August 06, 2010

Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. Debuts

It's summer. It's hot. Let's talk about trashy television. It's a great diversion from the crazy that is out there in the real world.

The shows on the cable network that claim to document the 'real' lives of 'real' housewives is nonsense, of course. There is little real about these folks. Plastic surgery galore, multiple marriages, and the like, sure, that's how life is now. But to think that any of these women would be described as housewives is amusing. All of the women who sign on to this series do so to promote professional ambitions.

The newest offering to join those in NYC, NJ, Orange County, California and Atlanta is the housewives of D.C. The added spice to this show is the political undercurrents. Only in the Atlanta show are black women the key figures. One white woman in Atlanta rounds out the cast. None of the other shows were integrated at all. D.C. Housewives has one black member. She made it clear that racism will be a topic of this show. Unfortunate.

The cast consists of 5 women living in or near Washington, D.C. One is the granddaughter of Arthur Godfrey and lives with her husband of 24 yrs and 5 children in a suburb in Virginia. One is the owner of a modeling agency who is divorced and dating a black man half her age. One is a successful realtor in D.C. proper. One is a Brit married to a White House photographer. One is the White House state dinner party crasher. Let the fun begin!

The state dinner party crasher is a highly animated, bouncy, outgoing woman. Not the sharpest, she provides some head shaking moments. Some of the others are concerned she is too thin- possible eating disorder alert. They all enjoy drinking wine, which is standard on any of the housewives shows. We are told at the opening of the show that it is all about who you know in D.C. and that flashing money is not cool. Ok, then.

There is a segment about the U.S. Polo team's opener in D.C. with the party crashers in charge. Husband in the party crasher duo is a team member and is the grand poohbah. One housewife - the modeling agency owner - talks about her billing from the previous year at the event going unpaid and calls it a "goat rodeo" and the Brit remarks that it is not much of an event - compared to the polo matches in England. So, there's that.

As the realtor hosts a girl's night with a celebrity chef in her home - the guy cooks for Janet Jackson - the atmosphere goes awkward thanks to blunt talk from the Brit. As she name drops as it pertains to her husband's career, the WH photog, she mentions she can't tolerate Tyra Banks. Oh no. Then, after the black hostess comes to the aid of Tyra's specialness, the Brit disses the Obamas. Blasphemy! Brit says both GWB and Obama were invited to her wedding 2 years ago to photog, an old friend she was reunited with after 18 years, because hubby worked for both White Houses. He was on the campaign trail with Obama, too. Seems GWB RSVP'd for said wedding but Obama didn't. Much was made over manners and common courtesy. Hostess rose to the occasion and defended Obama - he's running a country, you know. He wasn't then but never mind. Brit said he respected and liked Bush, the man. Policies aside. Arthur Godfrey's granddaughter agrees about Bush, the man. She's solidly Democratic, born and raised in D.C. and grew up with the Kennedy clan so it is good to see old Washington civility still exists from her. Hostess represents current climate of vitriol, which is unfortunate. Then the race card comes up. Hostess questions Brit's true feelings since she dissed Tyra then Obama and did so in the black hostess's home in front of a black chef. Not to mention hostess's event planner is also black and present. She is seen shaking her head in disapproval and frowning at Brit. Oh my.

A little icing on the cake moment occurred as the Godfrey granddaughter shows us her closet. It is a large walk-in closet, natch, but the kicker is that it can only be accessed by scanning her fingerprint into the locking mechanism. Only she can get in. She has a 24 year old daughter and we are told they wear the same size clothes and have the same taste in styles so disaster is averted with the extra security measure taken to protect her wardrobe. Wow. Just wow.

Good times.

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