Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christine O'Donnell Promotes Her Book

Former Tea Party darling Christine O'Donnell appeared on C-SPAN's BookTV thanks to a talk she gave to the Women's National Republican Club in Manhattan recently. She has a book out now that tells her political story.

The world according to Christine.

Her book is titled "Troublemaker" which seems to be her 2011 version of 2008's use of "maverick" by the McCain/Palin ticket. Ms. Troublemaker arrived late to her speech/book signing and had to begin her remarks with an apology for that lateness. Her excuse - she had begun her day with a Fox and Friends interview and continued all day with other interviews. Sometimes they run late and knock her off schedule. OK.

How about more realistic scheduling?

She spoke of a divided GOP as she promoted unity. She hits a snag with this plea for kumbiya for the sake of winning GOP seats as she is one who labels anyone who doesn't identify as a Tea Partier as "establishment" GOP. She doesn't seem to understand that GOP party members of longstanding are the backbone of the conservative movement and conservatism didn't begin with the Tea Party.

Why did she register as a Republican while she was in college? Because the boy was cute at the voter registration table and the GOP was paying $75 a day to pass out literature. I'm not kidding. That is what she said.

Who can take this woman seriously as an elected official? Some of us prefer those running for office to have a serious and sincere belief in political philosophy. She comes off like a ditz. Sorry, but it's true.

She wants respect for "forging ahead despite the opposition" during her Senate run. Well, that's politics, isn't it? You fight for votes and you battle to when at the ballot box.

Her only applause from the group was when she said Obama must be a one term President. Lecturing Republican women on principles of conservatism and freedom doesn't do much but insult us. Republican women are the ones who are the worker bees of the party. She acknowledged this but continued on with her sanctimonious schtick that she is the standard bearer of conservatives.

O'Donnell dodged the question of who she thinks should be the GOP candidate in 2012. She said they all have "great qualities". And she said the GOP has to get over "fingerpointing" at each other - and then went back to her Tea Party vs "establishment" GOP routine.

It was tedious.

"I don't know" was the response to a question as to if she would run for office again. She is busy now filing counter-complaints to the likes of CREW. "Let's see if I get a fair shot" she said when she mentioned that Beau Biden - son of Joe - is the Attorney General of Delaware.

She is quick to throw the victim card.

She enjoys lumping herself in with Sarah Palin.

She complains of scrutiny as the press looked into her past. Did she not know that the digging into her past would happen?

She was surprised at the conservative media who supported her opponent in the primary. She dismissed the concept that it is better to have a Republican in office as a reason to vote for a GOP candidate that didn't meet her purity test - like the incumbent she challenged. Maybe her 'troublemaking' stance doesn't understand the political philosophy of Reagan and William F. Buckley among others who came before her in the conservative movement that they believed in supporting the most conservative candidate who was electable. Electability is the key. The GOP officeholder that she challenged for the Senate seat may have been more liberal than she preferred but he was a Republican. She was never going to win her election.

She sang praises for George Stephanopolous and his fairness in interviews. She said a candidate "can't have a prejudice" about the professionalism of journalists.

O'Donnell comes off as someone who just wants the job. She doesn't articulate a burning desire to lead in a political arena other than to be a 'troublemaker'. She comes off as giggly and unserious. This is frustrating for women in the GOP who want more elected GOP women in power.

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