Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston GOP Women Organizing Westside Campaign Headquarters

In my world, the Fall political season began again Tuesday after a summer hiatus. The day was full of political goodness. And some weird for good measure.

The noon hour brought me to a group of about a dozen Republican women leaders, mostly affiliated with Tx Federation of Republican Women clubs/PACs on the west side of Houston. The meeting was the first to organize a headquarters which will be opened and staffed by Republican volunteers to serve as a clearinghouse of sorts for candidates running for office. The candidates will be through the primary early next year and we will be there to bring attention to their campaigns.

Are you paying attention,candidates? This office will provide a central office for any Republican candidate in the 2012 general election. We are using the advice and very successful model provided by Lillian Norman Keeney and her team in the Pearland/Brazoria County area.

We are just about a year out in the planning and it is going to be good.

Later Tuesday afternoon I received a most unusual phone call. As the President of a local GOP women's PAC, I often get calls from those interesting in speaking to our group. This person and her approach was different, to say the least.

The phone rang and the number that came up on caller id was not familiar and the "unknown" label flashed. It was a local area code so I answered. "Hi. This is Julianne. May I speak to Karen Townsend?". "Yes, this is she", I replied. "Hi. I'd like to talk to you about the LaRouche initiatives." "Lyndon LaRouche?", I replied. "Yes. Are you familiar with Mr. LaRouche?" My response was as calm of a one as I could manage -"Yes, I am." Then she said, "We are looking to build an army." With that I was out. "I'm not interested. Thank you." And I hung up.

A minute or two passed and another call came in. It was from Julianne again.After the I just want to discuss some points we can agree on, she said, "Can I talk to you about speaking to your group?" This was easy - I told her our group has programs lined up through the end of the year. In January we will have a new President and a new Programs Vice-President. Then I went on to tell her that our group really doesn't have supporters of Mr. LaRouche's in its membership.

She went back to the I think we have ideas we can both agree on bit. So, yeah, I'll engage and hear what she is serving up today. I ask, "Well, like what?" and she brings the conversation to an end with her opening remark - "Can we both agree that President Obama has committed treasonous acts?"

Oy. No, Julianne, we cannot agree upon that statement. Bye-bye.

Please. No one disagrees with Barack Obama more than me, generally speaking. But the term 'treason' is not one to banter around with in a conversation. My field of study in college was political science so if you want to engage, be an adult. If you want to be taken seriously, stop with the hysteria. Stop with the crazy talk.

Especially in the case of Barack Obama, he is doing a good job taking himself down. There is no need to discuss treason or impeachment or anything else along those lines.

Welcome, Fall.

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to volunteer FOR OBAMA and it keeps taking me to this site, no way I will support a political group leading an assault on women's health, voter suppression and corrupt fund raising supporting on the top 1%. And you will not win on this platform , I would kill myself before I would support this radicle un American agenda. you are on the wrong side of history with marriage eQuality, revenue increase by taxing millionaires, re- building our roads and bridges, attacking Medicare , Medicaid and SSa.....keep it up and the GOP will be viewed as the party of dissections, self serving old hypocrites , a party of abject failure, and hated by the 99% like me. BTW I have a good job, HC and a wealthy family but I know stupid and wrong when I see it, and that is the REPUBLICAN party of the 21st century:; PATHETIC