Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama's Taxpayer Funded Bus Tour

Try as they may, the Washington Post spin on the "rare" attack from President Obama on the GOP field of candidates as he begins his taxpayer funded bus ride around some choice midwestern states, the article rang hollow for anyone even vaguely paying attention to politics.

President Barack Obama launched a rare direct attack Monday on the GOP presidential field, criticizing Republican hopefuls for what he contended was their blanket opposition to any compromise involving new taxes.

“Think about that. I mean, that’s just not common sense,” Obama said at a town hall-style meeting in Cannon Falls, Minn., as he kicked off a three-day bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

“You need to take a balanced approach,” he said.

Obama made the comment after describing a moment in last week’s GOP presidential debate when all eight of the candidates participating said they would refuse to support a deal with tax increases, even if tax revenues were outweighed 10-to-1 by spending cuts.

Obama didn’t mention any of the candidates by name, and started the remark by saying, “I know it’s not election season yet.”

Of course it is election season. Why did Team Obama form and begin the process at the Chicago headquarters to run Obama's national re-election campaign earlier this year if it isn't "election season"? He thinks you are stupid, you know.

To write that it is a "rare" attack on GOP candidates is foolish pap. His team in Chicago fires off snarky responses at every opportunity to each campaign story about GOP candidates challenging Barack Obama for the seat in the Oval Office. Obama himself has set his speechifying apart from past presidents by continually attacking his opponents in public forums and televised speeches. By opponents, I mean Republicans. One is hard pressed to imagine a speech without bad mouthing Republicans from this president.

He couldn't help himself, I suppose. He knows nothing else. The first town hall event he attends and the ugly rhetoric starts. He is a small minded man with no leadership skills.

How does it feel to be paying for Barack Obama's summer vacation through states crucial to his re-election, disguised as a "jobs tour", a listening tour, my fellow conservatives?

It might be noted that for those saying, "Bush did it", which is a typical low brow response to any criticism of Obama, the Bush campaign paid for his bus tour, not the taxpayer. He didn't make the pretext that it wasn't a campaign trip.

Think about this - Obama flew on Marine One to get to Air Force One to go to Minneapolis-St. Paul to hop on a bus to tour the midwest and trying to take the publicity away from GOP candidates there. In politics, that is called "bracketing" and no one knows how to hog the spotlight better than Barack Obama. Anyone's spotlight will do.

President Obama is engaged for the next three days in what political operatives call “bracketing” – a technique by which you horn in on the media attention being paid to your competitor and muck up their message.

Consider that for a moment: The sitting president is in such dire electoral condition that he is looking to “bracket” the still-forming Republican field.While it reveals the lengths to which the president will go to define his eventual opponent, the willingness to go on equal footing with GOPers reveals the straitened circumstances of the president.

Mitt Romney has dubbed it the "magical misery tour". Clever.

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