Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perry Returns to Cheering Crowd in Texas

After a whirlwind week on the road, beginning to introduce himself to Republican primary voters, Texas Governor Rick Perry returned to Austin Saturday to an enthusiastic crowd. The venue was a local restaurant. Hundreds are reported to have been in attendance. His wife, Anita, introduced him to the crowd.

Wrapping up his speech, Perry used a longtime Texas saying, instructing supporters on how to respond to critics.

"I am going to get America working again," he said. "It's time for a change. I'm not talking about the rhetoric of change. I'm talking about the record of change."

Perhaps sensing the increased scrutiny of his candidacy over everything from his jobs record to his views on evolution, Perry ended his remarks with fighting words for the "liberal pundits," advising his supporters about how they should reply when the media downplays the Texas way: "I want you to say, 'That dog won't hunt!'"

Governor Perry had quite the week. Not only is he a solid second place favorite in most polls but he has endured the zings of the critics and doubters from all quarters - liberals as well as fellow Republicans.

One Ron Paul supporter took out a full page ad in an Austin newspaper calling on those who may have had sexual encounters with Perry or if information confirming that he is gay is available, please bring it forward. This person is convinced of moral hypocrisy from Perry. Last Presidential election cycle, this guy was doing the same type of attack on Hillary Clinton.

Liberals along the campaign trail have taken opportunities to hold up signs demanding Perry go back to Texas and instructing young children on asking obnoxious questions to Perry. "Ask him why he hates science", one mother was recorded to tell her young child.

And, the most disappointing of all is the attacks coming from fellow Republicans - most notably from Jon Huntsman. He occupies the very bottom of polls and is showing the strain. Press reports have emerged that Huntsman will sit for an interview for one of the Sunday morning chat shows and will bash Governor Perry over climate change opinions and the like.

Keep it classy, Mr. Huntsman.

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